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Find & Share RC Trails

As a passionate RC crawlers, we wanted an easy way to find and share some of the awesome RC rock trails we've discovered through the years. The RC Spotter community is built to encourage newbies, rookies, or expert crawlers to go on to their next adventure and challenge their rigs with new trails. Join the community and help us grow our list of RC trails with other Spotters!


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RC Spotters makes it easy to find and discover new RC rock crawling trails near you or across the country for your upcoming trip.


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Once you find a new spot, go create new experiences! RC crawling is all about the adventure and having fun with your crew. 


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Whether you loved the trail (or hated it), share your experience with other spotters. This is the best way to grow our community!

Uncover Top RC Rock Crawling Courses with RC Spotters

Welcome to the exhilarating world of RC rock crawling! This dynamic hobby combines skill, precision, and the thrill of navigating challenging terrains. RC Spotters is here to guide you to the best rock crawling courses and clubs. Whether you’re a seasoned crawler or just starting, our website is your one-stop destination for finding exciting spots to test your RC crawler’s limits.

The Thrill of RC Rock Crawling

RC rock crawling is more than just a hobby; it’s an adventure that tests both your skills and your RC vehicle’s capabilities. This section explores what makes RC rock crawling a unique and thrilling experience. It delves into the types of terrains, the skill required, and the satisfaction of conquering challenging courses.

Finding the Perfect Rock Crawling Course

Discovering the right course is crucial for an optimal RC rock crawling experience. We discuss factors to consider when choosing a course, such as terrain complexity, course length, and location accessibility. RC Spotters provides detailed information on various courses, helping enthusiasts find spots that match their skill level and preferences.

Uncover Top RC Rock Crawling Courses with RC Spotters

Best Rock Crawling Courses Featured on RC Spotters


This section highlights some of the best courses available, with detailed descriptions of each. From the rugged trails of Boulder Pass to the intricate obstacles of Cliffhanger Ridge, we provide insights into what makes each course unique and exciting.


Safety and Etiquette in RC Rock Crawling


Safety is paramount in RC rock crawling. We outline essential safety tips and etiquette to follow on the courses. This includes advice on vehicle maintenance, personal safety, and respecting the course and other crawlers.


Gear and Equipment for Optimal Crawling


An overview of essential gear and equipment for RC rock crawling. This includes recommendations on types of RC crawlers, tires, suspension setups, and other modifications that can enhance the crawling experience.


Building and Customizing Your RC Crawler


For many enthusiasts, customizing their RC crawler is part of the fun. This section offers tips on building and customizing your RC vehicle, discussing different parts, upgrades, and customization ideas to improve performance and appearance.