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How to Change the Remote Control of Your RC Car

How to Change the Remote Control of Your RC Car

If you’re new to the RC scene, you’re in the right place!  Here I help you understand one of the fundamental phases of remote-controlled vehicles. These cars are exciting and safe to drive. However, keep in mind that two features help achieve the previously mentioned driving experience; The vehicle features like wheels, LED lights, and …

RC Truck & Rock Crawler Trailer

Expert Tips for Safe and Thrilling Off-Road Adventures

Recently, the availability and popularity of RC cars and trucks have risen. Almost everything that calls for a full-sized vehicle has a remote-controlled counterpart which facilitates a small-scale version of these activities for nearly everyone. While RC cars come in different sizes and shapes, we focus more on RC trucks today.  These amazing products can …

This is where I come in; I've done the research and come up with four of the fastest, strongest, and cheapest RC cars.

Which is the Fastest, Strongest, and Cheapest RC Car to Buy?

I understand how taxing it can be to filter through hundreds if not thousands of products in search of the fastest, strongest, and cheapest RC car. But abandon all your worries, continue reading this guide, and make an informed and hassle-free decision.  While the internet is handy in your research process, it has many RC …

What's a Cheap and Fast RC Car (1)

What’s a Cheap and Fast RC Car?

RC cars, while mere toy cars, are fascinating. However, with the consistent technology advancements, these cars have evolved so much they’re now an obsession for some adults too! The thrill of controlling an RC car, which is impressively swift, but won’t hurt anyone in case it rolls over or hits an obstacle, is one most …

Can I use a different remote for my RC car (1)

Can I use a different remote for my RC car?

RC cars are one of the best options if you are into thrilling and adventurous hobbies. Ideally, RC cars offer both thrill and excitement while tapping into your inner childhood craze. Nonetheless, the fun can quickly come to a halt when you misplace or damage your remote-hence the famous question: can I use a different …

Which type of RC Cars have the longest Drivetime

Which type of RC Cars have the longest Drivetime?

RC rock crawling is an exciting hobby for both adults and children. Minus the frustration of finding the right RC car according to your needs, there’s nothing not to love about RC rock crawling.  Today we answer the question: which type of RC cars have the longest drivetime? Stick around to find out! The RC …

Which RC car toy doesn't break down after 10 seconds

Which RC car toy doesn’t break down after 10 seconds?

The exponential evolution of RC cars in the past few years has led to faster and more durable products. For instance, the rock crawler is a unique RC car model that can effortlessly ascend offroad like a four-wheel ride.  These magnificent toys are fun to race and play with over different setups, including rocky terrain, …

The Skills you need to Build an RC Car

The Skills you need to Build an RC Car

One of the fanciest things about the adventurous RC car hobby is undeniably its superb depth-there’s just an extensive collection of skills and stuff to work with. On the flip side, though, the RC car hobby can feel quite challenging to understand, especially when you think of how to design your RC car and use …

How to Calculate Total Gear Reduction RC Rock Crawler

How to Calculate Total Gear Reduction RC Rock Crawler

If you have ever purchased an RC rock crawler and tried to figure out what you will need, there is a lot of information to consider. This can be daunting for newbies deciding on their first vehicle.  I wrote this article so that you will be able to calculate the total gear ratio (TR), which …

How to Build an RC Rock Crawler on a Budget

How many turns Motors for RC Crawler for Speed?

RC crawlers are just as easy or difficult to understand as normal cars, depending on how interested you are. There is a lot to learn, but the easiest way to do this is to have at least an RC crawler and an interest in the sport.  For RC crawlers, a turn motor may refer to …

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