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Best RC Crawler Shocks

Best RC Crawler Shocks

Having trouble buying great RC crawler shocks? We understand this problem because we have already gone through the RC crawler shocks and compiled a list of the best & reliable RC crawler shocks available today. 

Many brands offer these products, but not all are as good as others regarding quality and performance. In this article, we will discuss three different brands that offer good quality RC crawler shocks, and we will also show you how they work so that you can choose which one suits your needs best.

The best RC crawler shocks review is a combination of the features and the cost. This article will discuss the top 3 best RC crawler shock reviews. These are also available in various sizes and weights. The prices range from $25 to $700, depending on your chosen model. 

These are not your typical RC car shocks because they provide a better ride and handling than other shocks. The main reason why these are so popular is that they have some unique features that make them stand out from other shock absorbers available on the market today.

Best RC Crawler Shocks: What You Need to Know

The RC crawler shocks have been the best of their kind for a long time. They have been used by RC fans for a long time and are still being used because of their quality. Some people prefer to use their vehicles’ original equipment, while others buy new products with better features.

Many people make this choice because they want to get something good that can last long without any issues. To buy something good and reliable, you must know about these RC crawler shocks before buying them. 

Size & Weight

The first factor to consider when buying a new shock absorber is its size and weight. Some people like to keep their vehicle light and easy to maneuver, while others feel that it should be as heavy as possible so they can get more power out of their vehicle throughout its lifetime. 

This means that if you’ve got a hatchback, you should get a smaller diameter, so it won’t affect your ability to get into tight spaces or reach high places easily without having to worry about hitting something or tipping over onto something else in your garage!

Types of shocks

In addition, different types of shocks are available for different vehicles, so you must choose one that fits the vehicle type and terrain you will be using. There are also different levels of quality available depending on what type of terrain you may be traveling through or what kind of terrain you might encounter while using your vehicle (e.g., desert conditions versus mud).

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Robust air shock design

Best RC Crawler Shocks Robust air shock

You’ll want a shock with a strong air shock design, which means it will have more air inside it than those that rely on oil for shock absorption. This helps keep your tires from bottoming out in loose dirt or gravel.

Anti-squat Adjustments

The best RC crawler shocks also include anti-squat and rebound adjustments so you can fine-tune their performance. These adjustments help adjust how much compression and rebound resistance your shocks offer, making them work better with different terrain types.


It would help if you chose a shock suitable for your vehicle and terrain. If you’re going off-road, you need something that can handle all terrain and situations. This means you’ll need a shock with a lot of travel and some rebound damping to keep your vehicle stable while driving over rough ground.

Which are the Best RC Shocks in the market? 

RC4WD V2.0 Dual Rate Shocks for 1/10 4wd Trucks, Crawler & Baja Buggy (Carbon Fiber)

RC4WD V2.0 Dual

The RC4WD v2.0 shock is a perfect match for the rigors of off-road racing and bashing. This shock features an adjustable spring preload that allows you to fine-tune the suspension system performance to match your driving style. The dual rate design provides increased traction and stability on loose surfaces or when pushing large tires over rough terrain.

The maximum travel on this shock is 15mm (1/4 inch), which makes it ideal for both on and off-road applications. Because it’s made from carbon fiber, there’s no worry about durability or weight issues with this shock as well!

The RC4WD V2.0 is a full-carbon fiber shock that works with any 1/10-scale truck or buggy. It’s made of high-quality materials and has several features that make it work better than other shocks on the market.

I identified that it gives you more control over how much shock resistance you want to use when driving through difficult terrain or going over rough roads at high speeds. The RC4WD has a high-strength titanium spring and allows you to set your damping rate from 2 clicks down to 2 clicks up to get the best performance out of your rig.

The RC4WD V2.0 Dual Rate Shocks are designed to handle the toughest terrain, and with the use of carbon fiber material, they offer a great deal of strength and durability. The shocks feature a standard coil spring that allows you to adjust your shocks to suit your needs.

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These shocks are suitable for the following vehicles: 1/10th scale 4×4 trucks and buggies, 1/10th scale trucks, buggies, and monster trucks, and 1/10th scale cars and trucks. They are also known as Carbon Fiber Shock Springs in some countries.



    • Dual rate design: Provides optimized performance on hard surfaces like dirt roads or concrete roads

    • Carbon fiber material: Offers increased strength over metal

    • Standard coil spring: Allows for easy adjustment of travel length

What I like about it 


    • RC Crawler Shocks are built tough to handle the toughest of terrains, but they can also be easily installed on your vehicle. 

    • The RC Crawler Shocks have various features that make them a great choice for off-road enthusiasts.

    • The RC Crawler Shock is designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide maximum performance. 

    • They feature an aggressive design tested and proven to work in the most difficult terrains imaginable. 

    • The shocks are built with high-quality materials, so you needn’t

    • worry about them breaking down over time.

    • The RC Crawler Shock has an air-filled chamber that absorbs impact when things get rough on your off-road adventures. 

What I don’t like about it


    • Quite expensive

Cost Comparison

If you’re looking for a product that will give you everything you need and then some, but don’t want to spend too much cash on it, RC4WD V2.0 Dual Rate Shocks for 1/10 4wd Trucks, Crawler & Baja Buggy (Carbon Fiber) is worth considering.

RC4WD V2.0 is an excellent product that offers great value for the money, although it is slightly more expensive at $41. 27 compared to the competitors outlined below, they are a great and reliable option for your 1/10 4wd truck. Not only that but they’re made from carbon fiber, which means they’re lightweight and strong. They also come with a lifetime warranty and are compatible with most suspension and steering servos brands.

It may not be the cheapest shock on the market today, but it’s still pretty good at what it does and is priced well enough to afford to buy one without breaking their budget.

90mm Metal RC Shocks (4pcs) for 1/10 Traxxas TRX4 Axial SCX10 II 90046 90047 RC Truck

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90mm Metal RC Shocks

The 90mm Metal RC Shocks are the first and only metal shocks on the market, offering quality at an affordable price. They are constructed of high-quality aluminum and can be used with any shock tower, including the stock one. The 90mm Metal RC Shocks will fit right into your 1/10 Traxxas TRX4 Axial SCX10 II 90046 90047 RC Truck. 

The Traxxas TRX4 is the ultimate in-scale-looking, high-performance desert racing truck. The Traxxas TRX4 is designed for on-road use and off-road bashing, providing all the performance you need to dominate your competition.

The Traxis TRX4 has a powerful electric motor that drives a powerful spur gear transmission and tough aluminum shocks. The truck features a long wheelbase with enough suspension travel to handle big jumps and rough terrain.


    • High-quality metal construction for durability and long life

    • Excellent response and durability in tough conditions

    • Compatible with all stock shocks and springs

KingVal Replacement Aluminum (92mm Front and 105mm) Rear Shock Absorber Damper Combo (Gray)

KingVal Replacement Aluminum

If you’re looking for a good replacement for your old shocks, look no further than the KingVal Replacement Shock.

This combo offers a great set of features at a great price. It is compatible with ZD Racing HSP Redcat Hongnor and includes two shock absorbers. These are made from aluminum, so they are lightweight yet durable; they will last you for years to come!

The shock absorbers come in 92mm and 105 mm sizes, so you can choose which size best fits your vehicle’s needs. They are also compatible with other brands of cars, such as 1/10 scale cars, trucks, SUVs, and more! Each unique feature can make it better than other brands today.

If you want to buy something affordable but reliable that works well with your vehicle’s suspension system, this item is right up your alley! It’s a great choice for anyone.


The shock absorbers are the only thing that stops your vehicle from moving, which means they need to be perfect for your vehicle. The best RC crawler shocks are the ones that have a good amount of air pressure in them and are made from high-quality materials. 

The best RC crawler shocks will also not be overly heavy and will have plenty of shock absorbency, and it is also the one that is designed for your car.

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