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Best RC Rock Crawler Axles

Best RC Rock Crawler Axles

Axles are one of the most important components of an RC rock crawler. The axles connect the wheels to the body and allow it to move. Since these units are a vital part of your rock crawler, choosing a good one is important. But how do you ensure you make an informed choice with all the numerous options to choose from? Here is the review of best RC Rock Crawler axles.

There are many different kinds of RC Rock Crawler axles out there, and you can find them in different sizes. Some are much larger than others, but they all have certain features that make them suitable for specific uses. Nonetheless, the best RC rock crawler axles are designed for performance, durability, and comfort. They are also made from high-quality materials, so you know they will last a long time. 

Different types of RC Rock Crawler axles

You can choose from different types of axles depending on what type of vehicle you want to build. You’ll need something strong, durable, and reliable. They also have to be strong enough to handle the weight of your vehicle and withstand the abuse you put them through. You’ll also want to ensure that your axle fits into your vehicle’s chassis.

Suppose you want to enhance your RC crawler. In that case, you may want to look at some of the best RC rock crawler axles today—especially if you’re looking for something that will work well with your particular motorized vehicle or its chassis design. Luckily, this article will outline the best RC rock crawler axles in the market and compare their features to give you the best possible unit for your RC rock crawler. 

What is an RC Crawler Axle?

An RC Crawler axle is a type of axle used in off-road racing RC trucks and other vehicles. Because they’re designed for rough terrain, they have more material than standard axles and are usually larger in diameter. They are typically made of steel, aluminum, or titanium. They have a large bearing surface area, which helps them carry more weight than standard axles without adding much resistance to their movement.

Many types of RC rock crawler axles are available for sale today. Some of these include the following:

    1.  Standard rock crawler axle

    1. 4-wheel drive axle

    1. Traxion Rock Crawler Chassis

    1. Traxion Rock Crawler Rear Axle

Top 3 Best RC Rock Crawler Axles in the Market

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RC Axle Front and Rear Portal Axles- Titanium – Black

RC Axle Front and Rear Portal Axles- Titanium - Black

Designed for 1:10 scale rock crawlers, this set of RC axle front and rear portal axles are heavy-duty and made from titanium. This product is designed to work with the Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II, but it will also fit most other 1:10 scale vehicles. The set includes a pair of front and rear axles that have been precision machined to ensure maximum strength, durability, and smooth movement. They are compatible with most other servo brands.

This high-grade steel metal is made from the best quality raw materials. I discovered that the metal is much stronger than the alloy and has more elastic properties and perfect balancing accuracy. Moreover, I like that titanium has excellent anti-rust properties and maintains its original shape under a high-temperature environment. Furthermore, I like that it is processed with advanced technology and precision.

The Front and Rear Portal Axles 

They are designed to fit the SCX10 & SCX10 II track vehicles. These parts are made from high-quality titanium material that is tough enough to withstand the toughest conditions. They have been tested on various vehicles, including the Traxxas Slash, MonsterJam Touring Truck, Nitro Stampede Buggy, and more!

The ball cups are made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes them durable enough for long-term use without wearing out quickly over time. They also come with rubber seals which ensure no water leaks into your vehicle. There is also a set of ball cups included with each package, so you can easily install them onto your vehicle.

The Kit is designed to be used in 1/10 off-road trucks such as the Traxxas TQ RTR, Bandit 6.5, and others that run 26+ inch tires with a 2.2″ body. The upgrade parts include new high precision CNC machined Zinc plated Steel Ball Bearing Steel Gears, V-Band Seal, and much more. As I realized, you can gain maximum performance from your truck with these premium quality parts!


    • Precision-cut titanium alloy material for maximum strength and durability

    • Compatible with most other servo brands

    • The front axle included in the package


    • Weight: Front Axle: 0.45KG/0.99lb and Rear: 0.35KG/0.77lb

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    • Package: Axial scx10 ii upgrades 1x Front + Rear Axle


    • Diversity: This set of RC AXLES is mainly used for 1/10 scale RC rock crawlers such as the SCX10, SCX10 II, Vigor, and many more.

    • High quality

    • Durable 

    • It can accommodate up to 14mm wheel axles with a large clearance hole that allows you to slide your wheels on easily and securely.


    • Expensive

Cost Comparison

The best RC Rock crawler axles are the ones that deliver the most life and durability while remaining affordable and reliable. The best choice depends on your budget and needs, although this model is quite expensive at $113.98. 

Nonetheless, there are other good yet cheaper options, as outlined below, affording you the luxury of choice and convenience. 

Aluminum Axle Rear Axle— AXIAL SCX10 Honcho 

Aluminum Axle Rear Axle— AXIAL SCX10 Honcho 

AXIAL’s SCX10 Honcho is among the market’s most popular 1/10-scale rock crawlers. It is the perfect vehicle to ease you on and off the trails, but it’s also a beast that can handle anything you throw. The aluminum construction means these axles will hold up to whatever you can throw at them. The axle comes in a pair, so if you want to get your setup going, this Kit is all you need.

This Kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your stock axles. It includes an aluminum rear axle fit for the SCX10 Honcho that is ready to bolt right in!

This is a high-quality aluminum axle for the rear of your 1/10-scale rock crawler. The axles are made of high-grade aluminum alloy, which is heat treated and has a hard surface treatment; it will not be deformed after the heat treatment. The shafts are straight and smooth and easy to install.

It features a 9mm thick aluminum alloy, lightweight, high strength, and anti-corrosion. The front wheel angle is fixed at 30 degrees, and the rear wheel angle is adjustable from 25 to 32 degrees by rotating the axle nut.

Its large diameter shock absorber with a special design and high-quality CNC processing ensures precise shock absorption and rebound effect for a smooth ride without causing any shocks or vibrations in your vehicle’s chassis during operation, which can significantly improve vehicle control performance and stability;

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Logyues Homeswitch RC1

Logyues Homeswitch RC1

This Rock Crawler axle is a universal replacement for the AXIAL Wraith YETI AR60 RR10 90048. This product is compatible with all 1/10 scale RC axles, including other brands such as HPI, Traxxas, and Kyosho. The product comes in a variety of different colors to suit your model.

It features a Molded CNC Machined Face, Perfectly Fit and Finished. Moreover, it is high-strength, lightweight, and highly resistant to corrosion. Finally, it is highly durable, corrosion-resistance, and fatigue-resistance; and comprises easily replaceable parts. 

Factors to consider when choosing the best RC Rock Crawler Axle

The best RC rock crawler axles are the ones that will help you build the best rock crawler for your needs. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from; it can be hard to find the perfect one. Whether you are looking for a high-performance rock crawler or something more of a backyard toy, there are some great options.

The first thing you want to consider when deciding which type of axles. You need is what terrain you will be driving on. A heavy-duty model will be perfect for your needs if you live in an area with lots of rocks and large boulders. These models tend to have more strength and durability than other axles because they were designed with these situations in mind.

Another thing that you should consider when deciding on which type of RC rock crawler axle is your budget. There are many different models available at varying prices, so if money is tight. It may be best to wait until you can afford one that fits your budget.


There are plenty of options available when it comes time to decide which type of RC rock crawler axle will work best for your situation. With this guide, I hope your search gets easier and you ultimately make an informed choice. RC Axle Front and Rear Portal Axles – Titanium is an excellent investment if you want to upgrade your RC axles. You can use this product on your existing axles or replace them entirely.

Good Luck.

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