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Best RC YouTube Channels

Best RC YouTube Channels

The internet has transformed many things, including how we access information about different things. Also, you can easily get the trending issues by clicking a few keys on your keypad. Today, I talk about the best YouTube channels that review and focus on RC cars. There are dozens of YouTube channels that talk about RC cars, covering all sorts of information from the best RC car brands and where to buy them to how to build and maintain these small yet magnificent vehicles. 

Additionally, if you cannot attend a certain event, some people cover that and upload the content on their YouTube channel. If your RC car or truck needs repairs, you can watch DIY videos and do the repairs from home or find a recommendation for the best repairers!

Further, for those who like purchasing the best and latest RC car models, you can check out different channels for this information and upgrade your collection accordingly. Finally, for the newbies who know nothing about RC cars, you can find details of the best and most beginner-friendly RC cars and better understand what to look for when shopping for this type of RC vehicle. 

There is plenty of information on the internet, but which are the best RC YouTube channels? Read on to find out!

Best RC Crawling Youtube Channels

Get You Some RC

My first pick is a great channel called Get You Some RC. It’s such a refreshing and fun channel to watch, with very entertaining videos from a great guy and his crew, Lucas. His videos show a little bit of Rc trucks, rc crawling , rc flying planes, and my favorite part, scale builds that Lucas creates for events. Check out some of his videos and I’ll guarantee you’ll be entertained with a big smile on your face.

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Link: Get You Some RC – YouTube

RC Hobby YouTube Channels

Ultimate RC 

The Ultimate RC YouTube channel was launched a while back, though it’s been a while since the owner posted any new content. Nonetheless, this is the best and most reliable channel if you’re searching for RC car reviews. For instance, you’ll find several videos titled: “in the workshop.” These are multi-step guides for different mechanical projects. 

Additionally, if you want to view some great videos of RC vehicles racing, you’ll love this channel’s content. While the owner has yet to post for some time, the content there will be extremely handy.  

Subscribers: 175,000

Link: Ultimate RC – YouTube 

Live RC 

My second favorite pick is the Live RC channel. As the name suggests, you can get the latest RC car races here. What’s more, you can watch them live or later when they are uploaded. Also, this is the channel to subscribe to for any RC news. 

You will even watch the ROAR Fuel Nationals! So for RC car race fans, Live RC is the go-to YouTube channel.

Subscribers: 43,700

Link: LiveRC – YouTube

Short Course World Channel

Like the Live RC channel, this one also uploads videos of the latest RC races, though they focus more on short Course cars. You’ll also find kit reviews, Q&A videos, a series of videos on building different car parts, and so much more! 

If you’re thirsty for this type of knowledge, visit this channel to quench it. Also, this channel is perfect for newbies since there are even uploads with information about maintaining an RC car, how to assemble one, and what short course is most suitable for you. You’ll have a wonderful time checking out their content.

Subscribers: 36,600 

Link: ShortCourseWorld – YouTube

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This channel focuses on RC racing in Europe. It has all the videos of the EURO races and several interviews with the RC drivers. Therefore, if you’re in Europe and want to be updated on everything RC cars, this is the channel to subscribe to. 

Moreover, you’ll find videos of the world. This means they have content of RC cars and races from all over the globe. Again, you’ll get first-hand information from the professional RC drivers themselves. 

Subscribers: 20,600

Link: NeoBuggy – YouTube

RC Racing Tv

This one’s just like NeoBuggy since it also contains content about RC racing in Europe. However, it also includes how-to guides on building specific RC cars. Similarly, you’ll also find behind-the-scenes videos of the major races. 

Something else you’ll like is the video quality, but their ranking system for the drivers is a much-appreciated bonus. This is like a Tv channel that broadcasts RC racing.

Subscribers: 77,400

Link: CTRL SPORT // RC Racing TV – YouTube

The RC Network 

This channel is for RC car enthusiasts who like updating their collections constantly. The RC Network reviews new RC vehicles, which gives you details like the features, pros, and cons beforehand. 

Besides, they have interesting videos, including Tool Tuesday, for reviewing the latest RC-related tools and how they’re used. You’ll find details on other components like tires and information on upgrading your RC car. 

This will be the most useful channel if you want to know more about RC cars’ mechanics. 

Subscribers: 82, 800

Link: The RCNetwork – YouTube

RC Overload

Even though the RC Overload channels comprise numerous RC cars, they also have videos of planes, drones, and much more! My favorites are the unboxing, drifting, jumping, and bashing videos. In addition, there’s an upload on how to build an HPI Baja and Sakura. 

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You’ll also watch reviews of different RC cars if you’re in the market for a new one or want to add it to your collection. 

Subscribers: 34,400 

Link: RC Overload – YouTube


That’s right! This channel mainly focuses on the action on the race track. Also, if you want to watch a watermelon Vs. an RC car, this is the channel to subscribe to. While you won’t find buying and how-to guides, it portrays a different and fun aspect of RC racing. 

Plus, you get a collection of uploads on different RC fails. If you’re looking for entertainment or want to discover what your RC car would look like when hit against different objects, then you should check out the IJumpRC channel.

Subscribers: 18,200

Link: IJumpRC – YouTube

Drone Racing League 

To finalize this review is the Drone Racing League channel. This mostly involves racing in empty rooms and abandoned buildings. Usually quiet places where you can focus on the engine’s sound and the RC cars racing, nothing else to distract you. 

These races can also be done in a stadium and other main landmarks. You’ll love this channel if you’re an RC car racing enthusiast. 

Subscribers: 516,000

Link: Drone Racing League – YouTube

RC cars and everything related is fascinating, which is why there are so many fans out there. Besides, most of these YouTube channels have over 10,000 subscribers per channel. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a channel with the latest RC cars and reviews, check out the RC Network, but for the RC racing fans, go to the Live RC, Neo-Buggy, and RC racing TV channels. 

However, for a more interesting and fun aspect of RC racing, visit the IJumpRC channel. 

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