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Building Your Own RC Rock Crawler Kit

Building Your Own RC Rock Crawler Kit

Most RC rock crawlers come ready to use. Therefore, you can begin driving when you unbox them. However, you can opt for the more rewarding route and purchase an RC rock crawler kit, then assemble it from scratch. But, to successfully do this, you will have to follow a few tips and steps. 

How can you build your RC rock crawler kit from scratch? 

The first, and arguably the most important, step is to choose the right kit. The market is flooded with numerous quality kits, so you have to determine the car you want and choose the appropriate one. For instance, if you want a Jeep, you can choose the Axial SXC10 III kit, or for an RC rock crawler, choose the Traxxas TRX-4 kit. 

Next, assemble the parts included, beginning with the larger parts like the rear axles and base. In the guide below, I’ll shed more light on building your RC rock crawler kit, including step-by-step instructions on how to do it. 

Let’s get started! 

Find a Good RC rock Crawler kit

As pointed out, RC crawler kits come in different shapes and sizes, so you have to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Visit your local hobby store and check out the types of kits they are selling. 

If there is no hobby store near you, you can always go online and check on different platforms, including Amazon and eBay. There is no shortage of kits on these platforms, and it’s even easier to scroll through their available options. 

Generally, RC rock crawler kits cost anywhere from $50 to $1000, based on the components and size. Choose a smaller RC rock crawler kit if you prefer a less challenging assembling experience. Fortunately, these kits are affordable. 

If you want a more challenging and fulfilling experience, pick a complex kit, though these are more expensive. 

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Choose a Neat and Properly Lit Workspace 

Choose a table, or generally, an even surface, where you can place all the pieces of the kit and work on them for a couple of hours or a day. Additionally, you will need a large working space if you have a kit with many pieces. Similarly, if you have a small RC rock crawler kit, you don’t need to have a spacious working area. 

Next, for those working on a hard surface like a table, it would be best to cover it with a towel before you pour the pieces on it. This ensures that you won’t lose or damage any of the pieces. 

Also, I recommend working in a place that pets and kids can’t access since RC rock crawler kits have small pieces they can swallow. 

Read the Manual

While this is a step that’s overlooked by most, I would advise you to go through the manual before you start assembling the parts. If you find one or more steps that are a bit difficult, you research and understand them better. 

This helps you avoid reaching halfway through construction and having to halt because you need help understanding how to continue. 

Invest in Thread-Locking Glue

Thread-locking glue is perfect for use on all the screws that you’ll drive into metal. These screws tend to loosen after some time, especially if you drive your RC rock crawler a lot, and this is where this glue comes in handy. You only need to apply a small amount on the screws before driving them in position. 

You can purchase this glue in a hobby store or your local hardware. Note that if you are driving the screws on any other surface that’s not metal, you do not need thread-locking glue. 

Tip: Do not use an electric screwdriver as they tend to remove the screws; threading. 

Begin by Assembling the Wheel Axles 

The kit will contain several bags, each holding different parts, but they are labeled accordingly. So, arrange the bags labeled wheel pieces to avoid losing any. Fasten the gears in the rear axle with a screwdriver and other included hardware. Once you assemble the axles, connect the wheels on each end. 

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The wheels at the rear will have the motor connected to them, while their front counterparts will dictate the direction your rock crawler moves. 

Arrange the small pieces in a tray or bowl. Most kits have several bags with pieces for building different parts, so based on how much you’ve built, ensure to label every bowl according to the components it’s holding. 

Try not to open all the bags simultaneously to avoid mixing up the pieces. 

Build the Shock System 

The next part you should assemble is the shock system. This is because it fashions the body’s main support and is directly connected to the wheels. Fill the shocks with the included oil and close using the cap. 

Put the spring beneath the shocks, then screw them in position. Also, screw the shocks to the axles as instructed in the manual. 

Tip: If you have multiple pieces that need to connect similarly, separate them to make the building process more manageable. 

Connect the Batteries, Servos, and Electric Motor to the Chassis 

The role of the servos is to transmit a signal for the direction your rock crawler is turning. Position them close to the front of the car and secure them to the front axles. Next, link the electric motor to the rear axles such that they are connected to the gears. Place the battery atop the chassis and connect all the cables. 

Most of the time, batteries are retailed separately from the RC rock crawler kits. If this is the case, check your manual to determine the battery type you require. 

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Place the RC Rock Crawler’s Body atop The Chassis

Take the included clips and use them to secure the body on the chassis. Anytime you need to make modifications inside or charge the car’s battery, unfasten the clips to detach the body from the chassis. But so far, you’re all set to start driving. 

However, if you like, you can paint the rock crawler in the color of your choice before driving it. 

The Pre-Drive Review 

Before you start driving your newly built RC rock crawler, it would be best to do a last inspection to ensure it’s perfect for the road. Here is what to check for:

  • All nuts and screws need to be tightened properly
  • The receiver/transmitter batteries need to be fully charged
  • The throttle aptly tested & passed
  • Breaks thoroughly tested & passed 
  • Ensure the body is correctly clipped to the chassis
  • Check all other parts necessary. 

Post-Drive Safety Tips 

These tips will help you manage your RC rock crawler more responsibly:

  • Give the hot batteries some time to cool down
  • Make sure to replace any dented batteries along with the naked wires
  • Keep your RC rock crawler clean, and ensure it is not covered with grease or excess dirt. 

In Conclusion

An RC rock crawler kit is the perfect thrill for experienced and intermediate drivers. While there are some who have advanced in that they can build their perfectly customized RC cars from scratch, if you don’t have such skills, an RC rock crawler kit is the next best thing. 

In this guide, I’ve included a multi-step guide on how to build an RC rock crawler from a kit and a few safety precautions, which should be beneficial as you take your driving and building skills to the next level. 

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