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Competing in RC Rock Crawling: Strategies for Success in Events and Competitions

Competing in RC Rock Crawling Strategies for Success in Events and Competitions

Like all competitions, RC rock crawling competitions are cut-throat at all levels. And while the goal is to be the first one to cross the finish line, you still want to perform better than you did last time. Your RC rock crawler can only do so much. A time will come when you want to get better and beat your or another driver’s record.

In this article, I have compiled a list of helpful tips that helped me during rock crawling competitions and events. These won’t be your typical pointers; they’ll certainly come in handy. Before I delve into that, I presume:

  • You own an RC rock crawler 
  • You have some experience driving and even racing RC cars 
  • You want to better your skills

If so, here are seven strategies for success in events and competitions:


You can always attend an event to better understand how they go down. You can walk around and socialize to learn more. Luckily, the people here are friendly. Make a few friends and tell them you’re interested in RC car racing, and they’ll certainly be of help. 

What’s more, you can visit your local hobby store. They will always know the upcoming events, the time, place, and requirements. Plus, ask about the most suitable tires for the specific track. 


Next, learn about the different race categories the local track offers. Typically, they will have a newbie class for beginners. Additionally, find out what other racers’ cars offer and determine whether you need to upgrade or buy another RC car. 

For instance, knowing the most suitable tires for the track you’ll be racing is an excellent way to remain competitive. Gripping can differ based on the track conditions and temperature; therefore, talk to other racers.

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Also, check whether your track includes an onsite hobby store for additional convenience when you need spare parts. 

Compete with Better Drivers 

You certainly need to brush up on your skills, and nothing will help you better with this than competing with better drivers. You don’t necessarily have to find the best of them all, just someone faster and better than you. For instance, if you visit your local track, there are drivers of different skill levels. 

Competing with such drivers helps you work harder, though if their skills are too much for you, they’ll demoralize you. Just choose someone slightly better and faster than you.

The point of this is to learn something different. Are they maneuvering obstacles better? Or do they initiate a corner differently? Feel free to learn and try new tricks, as they will help you win or move a number or two higher in the competitions. 

Race on Different Terrain

This will help broaden your skill scope. Different terrain and tracks will have varying barriers, and you’ll need to learn different techniques. On the other hand, if you remain in one terrain or track, you’ll sharpen your driving skills but not broaden your skill set. 

Similarly, not all drivers have the luxury of finding different tracks. You can always reverse race on your usual track to switch things up. Additionally, you can try driving a different scale of RC car

Choose a Lane 

In this case, the ball is in your court; you’ll choose the category you want to race. However, it’s essential to understand the classes offered at the track. It would be best to race locally if it’s your first time. If you’re on a budget, go for a 1/10 scale RC car since the larger your vehicle, the costlier this hobby will be. 

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Moreover, you will break several things or more when starting, and the smaller-scale compartments are cheaper. 

Prepare Adequately

It would be best if you prepared adequately when there for an event or competition. Ensure you get there with your rock crawler in the best condition possible. 


Regardless of the track you’ll be racing on, make sure your rock crawler is clean. I prefer cleaning my rock crawler after every race. This is when you’ll assess your car to check for worn or damaged parts. Some local tracks have an air compressor that’s perfect for blowing out dirt. 

You should sit down and clean your RC car carefully, checking for any issues. 


Your rock crawler will operate more efficiently with new diff and shock oil. Fortunately, you don’t have to change this frequently. Nonetheless, your RC car’s performance depends on how often you change them. 


Make sure all the screws are properly tightened. When racing, your RC car vibrates a lot, which could be enough to loosen even the tight screws. Take your hex or screwdriver and tighten all the screws again to be safer. 

Unfortunately, one loose screw could be why you do not win that race.

Tires & Wheels

Lastly, check the wheels and tires. Make sure there aren’t any tears, cracks, or rips. Additionally, confirm that the inserts aren’t cluttered in one corner. 

A Checklist

You may have to carry your pit table and chair for the event. Most outdoor tracks also need you to come with a power strip and extension cord. Besides, you’ll also need to have a battery sack for charging the RC car batteries and a pit mat. 

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You may already have all these things at home. When attending the competition, you will bring all these plus basic tools like screws, wheel nuts, body clips, and spare tires. 

If the track doesn’t have an onsite hobby store or they don’t have parts compatible with your rock crawler, make sure you carry your own. Some spare parts include C hubs, axle pins, shock towers, and suspension arms. Besides, having a spare set of tires would be best since you’ll need to change them. 

To make sure you do not forget all these supplies, it is best to create a checklist. Organize them all in one place, and pack them in your backpack as you tick the list to avoid forgetting. 

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to have a good time. While RC rock crawling will need a lot of dedication, having fun is also important. What’s the point of winning if you won’t celebrate, right? 

So, what should you do to guarantee success in events and competitions?

  • Creating a checklist 
  • Choosing a lane
  • Researching
  • Investigating 
  • Racing on different terrain
  • Competing with better drivers 
  • Preparing
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