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Conquering Boundaries – Jeep RC Crawlers Mastering Every Terrain

Jeep RC Crawlers

RC rock crawling wouldn’t be any fun without a few obstacles here and there. Arguably, this is why this sport is gratifying; navigating and eventually conquering obstacles like rocks, boulders, and so on. But how do you do this with Jeep RC crawlers? 

Driving a Jeep RC rock crawler through rough terrain is quite the thrill, especially when you navigate the bigger boulders. Fortunately, some of the Jeep rock crawlers on the market look like small trucks, which is why they are the perfect choice for rugged terrain. 

And while jeeps are beasts in rough terrain, it’s always a good idea to give pointers on becoming a pro. Here is my guide on the various RC rock crawling boundaries and how to navigate them effortlessly.

Different RC Crawlers Obstacles 

Before we delve into the various obstacle-conquering techniques, it’s important that I talk about the different hurdles involved; Here they are:

Boulders & Rocks 

As you might have guessed, these are the most challenging hurdles on any RC rock crawler terrain. Here, the main objective is to find the most suitable path to climb over the boulder without getting stuck or losing balance. 

Mud Pits 

The next challenging obstacle is a mud pit. These can be both aggravating and fun, making traversing them extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, your Jeep RC crawler may get stuck. Therefore, it’s crucial to uphold your momentum to the end. 

Bridges & Logs 

These aren’t too hard to beat. Nonetheless, they call for control and precision. Additionally, attaining balance is imperative. Otherwise, your RC crawler will fall off. 

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Sand & Gravel 

While gravel and sand might sound like an easy path to drive through, such terrains are the most unpredictable and somewhat slippery. Fortunately, to conquer these, you only require good tires and maintain constant high speed. 

Tips for Conquering Boundaries with Your Jeep RC Crawler 

As promised, here are several helpful tips to help you conquer stubborn boundaries:

Pick the Right Tires 

Considering the tires will be on the ground, it is best to have the right ones. They will determine how far your Jeep RC crawler goes.

For example, if you are driving in a rocky area, you’ll require tires with soft compounds and excellent grip. However, you will require tires featuring an intense tread outline for muddy sections. 

Move Gradually

Knowing you will only conquer obstacles by prioritizing control and precision is important. Also, take it slow. Do not overspend; take time to strategize, find the right path, and drive steadily. 

Have the Correct Suspension

The suspension of your Jeep RC crawler plays a vital role in navigating rough terrain. The correct suspension can be beneficial in conquering various obstacles effortlessly. It’s good to pick the right suspension depending on the hurdle you’re attempting to traverse. 

Keep Driving

Driving at a steady pace is vital when driving over hurdles. Losing our momentum might result in you getting stuck, which might make it impossible to move your rock crawler again. For this reason, it’s important to keep driving to maintain balance and momentum. 


RC rock crawling requires lots of practice, and having a good Jeep RC crawler does not exempt you from this. Yes, having a good RC crawler is imperative; however, practicing helps you maneuver different obstacles. 

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Best Jeep RC Crawler 

Having listed the different terrain obstacles and tips on navigating them, it’s only fitting that I recommend the best Jeep RC crawler. My experience in the rock crawling scene is vast, having driven in several competitions (and won) and also driven different types of RC crawlers. 

However, this Jeep RC crawler caught my eye and impressed me with its performance in different pathways; the Axial SXC10 III Jeep rock crawler

Axial SXC10 III Kit 

While this is a review based on my driving this Jeep RC crawler, some of you will feel more confident in knowing that this Jeep RC crawler has a 4.0 rating on Amazon. Also, Axial is a well-known manufacturer in the RC rock crawling sport. 

If you like a bit of a challenge, you’ll appreciate that this is a kit and enjoy putting it together. The kit comes in a well-packaged box, exceeding all my expectations. From beginners to professionals, this Jeep RC crawler is perfect for all levels of skills. 

Also, if you prefer customizing your rock crawler, you will love the numerous possibilities available. 

Here is more about it:

Body & Interior 

The Rubicon body on this RC crawler is an excellent inclusion. I also appreciated the detailed construction along with the magnificent finishing, including the pre-cut holes purposely included for mounts. It’s usually so frustrating when I have to cut in the mounting holes, and it’s also time-consuming. 

This 1/10 scale Jeep RC crawler is a complete replica of the Jeep Wrangler, including the foldable side mirrors, which make it look even more authentic. 

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Clear Body 

The clear body is perfect as it allows you to paint it with the color of your choosing. I first painted it blue, my favorite color, and eventually re-painted it jungle green for the perfect camouflage since I mostly drive it through the nature trails with trees.  

Chassis and Suspension 

Considering this is an upgrade from the previous SXC10 II model, there is much to expect. First, it’s an entirely new model; it sports a four-part chassis with a pair of rails meshing at either side. The wheelbase is highly adjustable; you simply have to move the back rail in & out, as opposed to motioning the axles in different rail holes. 

Wheels & Tires 

As pointed out, the tries are vital in conquering boundaries on various terrain. For this reason, the Jeep RC crawler has a three-part beadlock wheel for ease of removal and installation. Also, you do not need to glue the tires in place. These features offer the wheels a more stable foundation, which prevents the tires from unfastening as you ride your Jeep RC crawler. 

In Conclusion

Traversing and eventually conquering boundaries requires practice, precision, and a lot of patience. The right tires take precedence, then steady speed, the right suspension, and upholding momentum. With these few but handy techniques, there is no boundary that you won’t be able to conquer. 

Have fun as you try to conquer the world! 

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