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Exploring the Thrills of 1/10 RC Rock Crawling

1/10 RC Rock Crawling

1/10 scale rock crawlers are the most popular scale-size RC cars. Again, they offer numerous platforms to establish different truck designs, as many as you want. However, their 1/24 scale counterparts are fast gaining popularity. Here, we explore the thrill of 1/10 RC rock crawling and how it offers a somewhat different experience.

In RC rock crawling, there are two major sub-categories:

Scale Crawling

This type of rock crawling is safe and has a practical approach regarding obstacles and rigs. 

Extreme Crawling  

As the name suggests, this rock crawling category is extreme, with the main objective being navigating any obstacles using highly modified cars. 

Perhaps, you’ve seen the scale rigs pumped with accessories like spare tires and roof racks. Prevalently, plenty of work goes into upgrading these RC rock crawlers. The scale RC rock crawler market is flooded with numerous options, the most common being the 1/10 RC rock crawler. 

Since meeting clients’ needs has been tricky, you will find seller platforms selling creative merchandise, including adventure trailers, custom lighting setups, and miniature coolers. I was most surprised that they even make winches! 

Nonetheless, all these interesting custom products make your rock crawling experience amazing, and the only limitation will be your imagination. 

Is the 1/10 RC Rock Crawler Right for You? 

This is a good question since few RC rock crawling enthusiasts know which car is right for them. Here are a few considerations so that you can make an informed decision:


Unfortunately, 1/10 scale cars are more expensive for those on a budget. This is because of their big build compared to their 1/12 and 1/24 RC rock crawler counterparts. A standard 1/10 RC rock crawler ready to run is designed with most of the things you require to drive it, including a brushed or brushless motor and a radio system. 

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On the other hand, kit options also need assembling, with some kits even including portal axles. For instance, with the Axial Jeep Wrangler, you’ll love how it looks like a full Jeep Wrangler once you’re done assembling the parts. 

Moreover, some packages do not include batteries and chargers, so you will need to purchase them separately. However, if you already own another 1/10 scale RC rock crawler, this won’t be a problem. 

Customizing Your 1/10 RC Rock Crawler 

Fortunately, with proper tools and creativity, it is very easy to customize your 1/10 RC rock crawler. Scale customization is quite easy and incredibly interesting. You can customize your rock crawler using various aftermarket parts. 

Luckily 1/10 scale rock crawlers are many, which makes the aftermarket parts easily accessible and affordable. This is one advantage these cars have over micro crawlers. 

1/10 RC Rock Crawler Performance 

When choosing an RC rock crawler, I recommend you consider the terrain you intend to drive it. Do you want a car for indoor driving or outdoor exploration? If it’s the latter, your best option will be a 1/10 RC truck since they are purposely engineered for that. 

1/10 RC rock crawlers feature impressive ground clearance, which facilitates handling different terrains and is perfectly built to keep up with hikes and walks. 

On the other hand, if you want an RC rock crawler for indoor use, micro crawlers are the better option. They have a smaller build and hence can turn any surface into challenging terrain. 

Kit or RTR 1/10 RC Rock Crawler?

Most beginners prefer a ready-to-run rock crawler, while more experienced drivers like an RC rock crawler kit. A kit comprises disassembled parts, so you will have to build your rock crawler from the pieces included. This is certainly the ideal choice for more experienced hobbyists regarding patience and skill. Additionally, it is highly rewarding. 

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With a kit, you will learn a lot about your 1/10 RC rock crawler, even as a beginner, but you will require patience. I recommend the Axial SCX10 II for newbie hobbyists. Besides, kits are more in number in the market than RTR options. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer an RTR rock crawler, there are many options with impressive scale detail. For instance, the RedCat Gen 7 is an excellent place to start; it’s powerful and durable. Additionally, it comes from a well-respected manufacturer. 

If you are not interested in getting involved with all the stress of building the car, looking for the right radio gear and servos, or painting your rock crawler, then an RT is the perfect option. And don’t fret; this doesn’t make you any less of an RC rock crawler hobbyist. 

Related Questions 

What is a Good 1/10 RC Rock Crawler for Competitions?

There are many RC rock crawler options ideal for competitions. However, for best results, such an RC rock crawler needs to have a solid and sturdy chassis. High ground clearance, great traction, advanced suspension system, and potent motor. 

Furthermore, a responsive RC system would be an excellent addition, as it facilitates accurate maneuvering when racing. 

What Scale RC rock Crawler is the most Popular?

As pointed out, the 1/10 RC rock crawler is the most common. When you go for competitions, it’s always best to have crawlers of the same scale. This, in some competitions, is a deciding factor. 

The 1/10 crawler is perfect for most enthusiasts, as it isn’t too large or small. Additionally, they are much easier to navigate than the smaller crawlers. 

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Which is the Best C Rock Crawler Scale?

Honestly, there is no best scale; the decision depends on you and your needs. Additionally, you will have to consider the available terrain. For instance, larger crawlers can traverse obstacles and rocks more easily than smaller rigs. 

On the other hand, if you have smaller hurdles, the best way to have a rewarding experience is to navigate them with a smaller rock crawler. Consider a larger rig if you intend to drive on terrain with larger hurdles. 

I prefer larger crawlers like the 1/10 scale since they look more real. Also, they behave more realistically and predictably than the smaller rock crawlers. This is also the case with other RC departments like boats and airplanes. 

But honestly, my choice doesn’t have to be yours. Choose according to your needs, budget, and terrain. 

In Conclusion

Driving a 1/10 RC rock crawler is an exciting experience, especially thanks to its large and realistic build. Also, it is the most common RC rock crawler option, making finding spare parts and aftermarket modification parts easy. With this guide, I’ve covered all you need to know about 1/10 RC rock crawlers and answered a few related questions. Hopefully, you are convinced of this rig’s impressive abilities and are willing to invest in one or more. 

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