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How many Channels Receiver for RC Crawler with Lights

Channels Receiver for RC Crawler

For the up-to-date RC fan, the word channel has two meanings. The first refers to the frequency at which the receiver and RC transmitter communicate. The other stands for the number of RC channels that manage various servos on the transmission frequency. 

Rock crawlers usually utilize two servos to steer and accelerate. In more sophisticated rock crawlers, you might find a third or fourth channel for controlling the lights, the four-wheel feature, or the engine mixture control for the nitro vehicle. 

So, how many channel receiver for the RC crawler with lights? Three or four. Basic cars can utilize one or two channels, but for a vehicle with lights, you’ll require three or more for a vehicle with lights. 

All You Need to Know About RC Channels 

All the discussions about frequencies and channels might be boring and confusing for the novices in this sport. However, I will try my best to explain it in a manner that’s easy to understand. Similarly, it might be easier to understand all this once you get an RC vehicle. 

For the typical radio controller version, the two meanings of the term channel, are:

  • How many servos a transmitter can run
  • The frequency of the transmitter

When RC channel stands for radio frequency, radio control mechanisms always feature a receiver, transmitter, and servos. For the beginner, it doesn’t make it any easier to understand RC frequencies when you use the terms frequency and channel as synonyms. 


This device records the car’s input, either a throttle, dual stick mechanism, or steering wheel-reliant mechanism. It encodes this information into a specific format and conveys it in packs on the channel (radio frequency).


This is on a similar frequency as the transmitter. Its role is to listen for a signal. Once it senses a transmission, it deciphers the transmitters` packs and filters the results into instructions which it transmits to various servos. 

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Lastly are the servos, tiny motors run by electricity pulses. The receiver will transmit a pulse to the appropriate servo, directing it forward or backward. Every servo features a control arm that reduces or increases deflection based on your control input. 

When the RC channel refers to orders to the servos, the receiver sends an electric pulse to the servos and changes it into a physical motion. For instance, with an RC vehicle, if you pull the trigger on the throttle, the arm of the servo will alter the engine’s throttle placement, making it decrease or increase speed. 

If you turn the transmitter’s wheel, the steering arm on the servo will lead to the steering wheel moving to the right or left. 

Many RC vehicles feature over one servo channel. Normally, an RC system sports various comparative channels which motion the controlled gadgets to the precise extent that you direct the transmitter controls. 

How to Refer to the Number of RC Channels

The number of channels will vary depending on the RC car you’re racing. Often, there is a difference between RC vehicles, helicopters, and fixed-wing airplanes. 

Since we are talking about RC cars, here are the number of channels it might have:

  • Servo one: throttle (reverse and forward)
  • Servo two: steering (right and left)
  • Servo three: ideal for accessories like lights

A system with three servos is called a three-channel mechanism. This is for RC vehicles though you can find more in an RC airplane. 

How to Pick an RC System

If you’re shopping for an RC channel system, there are a few considerations you should weigh in to ensure you buy the best system for your RC vehicle. 

In the past, RC systems were retailed as a pack, including servos, a receiver, and a transmitter. However, currently, it’s easy to purchase each separately, which offers more flexibility, though it makes choosing more difficult. 

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What to Consider When Buying an RC Transmitter

As an RC fan, there are many things you’ll invest in, including an RC vehicle. Arguably, the transmitter might be one of the many significant investments. This equipment is like a remote controller for managing and controlling your RC car. 

Here are the four things to consider before making a purchase:

The number of servo RC channels you’ll require

As pointed out, different channels serve different purposes. For instance, if you have an RC crawler with lights, you’ll need three or more channels. 

The best way to solve this issue is to buy a transmitter with one extra channel than what you require. This makes your transmitter useful even in the future when you need a more complex channel platform. 

The Features of the Transmitter

Normally, RC transmitters have two modes. The first one decides which transmitter controls activate which server on your RC crawler. 

First mode

Your left hand handles the yaw and pitch while your right hand manages the roll and throttle. 

Second mode 

You manage the pitch and roll using your right hand, similar to the joystick when controlling a plane. On the left hand, you’ll control the yaw and throttle. 

The number of RC cars 

Every RC vehicle you own has different features. If you prefer racing, you’ll require slight motion to adjust the movement of your car, whereas dual-engine vehicles may have a better response with more transmission. 

Saving each of these vehicles in the transmitter’s memory requires you to change from model to model without having to do a complex setup between them. 

The range of the transmitter 

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Find out how far you’ll have to control your RC car, then multiply the distance by two. Your transmitter must remain functional within that range. 

Choosing the Right Receiver

The first thing to consider will be your budget, precisely how much you’re willing to spend on the receiver. These are just as important as transmitters. 

Therefore, if you have two or more RC cars, you’ll need to install a receiver in each one. 

What To Consider

Here’s what to consider when purchasing the right receiver:

  • The number of channels it can control
  • Its battery life
  • The telemetry feature – lets the receiver transmit vital information to the transmitter. 

Choosing the Right Servo

Many RC servos feature the regular 3-pin plug, which reacts to similar control signals. Most of them are substitutable and easy to install in your RC setup. 

What to Consider


The servo you purchase needs to fit in your RC crawler.


Ensure the product you pick is fast enough for racing if you’re a fan of racing. When it comes to the lights, they can be done slowly, though managing a high-speed vehicle on the racing track needs rapid responses. 


The servo has to be potent enough for your RC crawler with lights.

In Conclusion

There are two meanings to the RC channel, including the frequency at which the transmitter signals the receiver. If these two gadgets aren’t on the same channel, your racing experience won’t be as fruitful. 

So, how many channel receiver for the RC crawler with lights? Three or four. 

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