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How to Change RC Rock Crawler Tires

How to Change RC Rock Crawler Tires

RC rock crawler racing is one of the most interesting and exhilarating hobbies. However, it also comes with a handful of responsibilities like softening the tires, sanding, breaking in the tires, and so on!

In this guide, I explain how to change RC rock crawler tires. 

How to Change RC Rock Crawler Tires 

The tires are among the vital factors to consider when buying an RC rock crawler. There are many tires available, each built for a different purpose. Here’s how to go about changing your RC crawler tires:

  • Ensure you get the right type and size tires for your rock crawler
  • Undo the wheel from the RC car
  • Detach the old tire from the wheel
  • Position your new tire on the wheel, and make sure it’s correctly placed
  • Screw back the wheel into the RC rock crawler 

How to Change Scx24 Tires

How to Change RC Rock Crawler Tires

For any SCX24 owner, changing the tires is among the most basic upkeep jobs. Consequently, it would be best to know how to do it. This will save you money and time and offer you the opportunity to check the tires for wear. 

Here is how to go about it:

  • Place your RC car on a flat surface and initiate the parking brake.
  • Unscrew the wheels` lug nuts with a lug wrench, but don’t undo them completely
  • Lift the RC car using a jack and hold it using jack stands. Make sure the car is stable before moving on to the next step.
  • Unscrew the lug nuts and wheel completely
  • Take the tire and put it aside.
  • Check the axle for debris and damage, and wipe the dirt using a clean cloth. 
  • Take your new tire, position it on the axle, and screw the lug nuts back in using your hands until they fit properly. 
  • Take the lug wrench and completely tighten the nuts till they’re snug against the rock crawler wheels.

Note: Do not overtighten

  • Lower your RC rock crawler and double-check the lug nuts for correct tightness.

And you’re done! That’s how you change your SCX24 tires. 

Measuring RC Crawler Tires 

Size is among the crucial factors to consider when buying RC crawler tires. The market is flooded with RC tires of different sizes; hence, knowing how to measure them before buying is vital. 

Here are several handy tips on measuring RC rock crawler tires:

Using a measuring tape is the most precise way to measure RC vehicle tires. Wrap the tape across the tire and write down the measurement. 

Next, you’ll need to compare this measurement to the other tires. This will be handy in determining whether the tire is too small or big for your necessities. 

Consider terrain. The terrain is a critical aspect to consider when purchasing RC crawler tires. For instance, if you want to race on rough trucks, you’ll require a more robust and bigger tire. Alternatively, the smaller tires will be good enough if you’re racing on smoother trucks. 

Do your research. If you are still unsure of which tires to go for, do more research or ask for help from more experienced friends. 

Best RC Rock Crawler Tires

The best rock crawler tires aren’t easy to find. As pointed out, you’ll have to consider the terrain and size. 

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In addition, foam inserts will be handy in shielding the wheels from harm and keeping your tires inflated for a longer time. Regarding choosing the most suitable tires for your rock crawler, there are many options on the market. With this in mind, you should be able to find the best ones.

Here are some of the tires I’d recommend:

Removing Pre-glued RC Rock Crawler Tires

While it might sound intimidating, removing pre-glued tires isn’t that difficult. The first thing to check is the type of pre-glued tires you have. Typically, they come in two types; those without an interior lining and those with it. 

So, if your RC tires feature an inner lining, removing them is rather different compared to their counterparts. On the other hand, if your tires sport no inner liner, you can remove them with pliers. To do this, hold the tire using the pliers and pull it from the wheel. 

In some instances, though rare, when the tire is stuck, you can go for a hobby knife instead of pliers and cautiously cut through the tire’s perimeter. This will be handy in loosening the tire from the wheel, making the removal process easier. 

Nonetheless, if your tires have an inner lining, you’ll need more force to detach them. Use a hobby knife to cut through the tire’s perimeter. This should help detach the inner lining from the tire. 

How to Vent an RC Crawler Tire?

If you’re a novice, you might not know how to vent your rock crawler tires. Fortunately, I’ve included a summarized guide on how to go about it. 

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First, undo the bead-lock rings from the RC crawler tires. You’ll need to undo the screws that hold them, after which you’ll have to pull the tire off the wheel. Do this cautiously to avoid damaging the wheel. 

When you remove the tire, find the valve stem and detach it from the tire. You might need a screwdriver if your RC crawler’s stem is held by a screw. Once you remove it, place a straw through the hole and blow it till air comes out from the opposite side. This is important as it aids in releasing any accumulated pressure inside the tire. 

After this, re-install the valve stem by driving the screw back. Ensure you screw it tightly to avoid air leaking out. 

Lastly, return the bead-lock ring by driving back in all the screws. And you’re done; your tires are now vented and your RC rock crawler ready for the road!

Removing TRX4 Tires

Removing TRX4 Tires

Removing the tires from your TRX4 is different from the regular RC tires. First, you’ll loosen the screws on the wheel. They are normally located on the bottom side of the rock crawler, close to the axles. Once done, detach the wheel by gently pulling it, then remove the tire from the wheel. 

To remove the tire, use your hands to pull it out. You’ll need to apply a bit of force though it isn’t that hard to remove. However, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pull it out if it’s stuck. 

In Conclusion

This concludes my guide on how to change RC rock crawler tires. Hopefully, it’s been a helpful resource if you’ve wanted to explore tire changes, whether out of curiosity or necessity. Take care, and happy racing!

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