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How to Change the Remote Control of Your RC Car

How to Change the Remote Control of RC Car

If you’re new to the RC scene, you’re in the right place!  Here is a guide on how to change the remote control of RC car; hopefully, after you’re done following the given steps, you’ll have successfully done it. 

Here I help you understand one of the fundamental phases of remote-controlled vehicles. These RC cars are exciting and safe to drive. However, keep in mind that two features help achieve the previously mentioned driving experience;

  • The vehicle features like wheels, LED lights, and so on.
  • The transmitter’s features or the remote control.

Consequently, it’s incumbent to ensure your controller or transmitter is compatible with your RC car.  However, what do you do when your toy car’s most suitable remote control isn’t working correctly?

You have to change it. Similarly, can you swap the remote control of your car? Absolutely! But how do you go about it? If you don’t know how to change the remote control on your RC car, this write-up is definitely for you.

Choose a Transmitter with the Same Frequency as Your RC Car

how to change the remote control of RC car

Nowadays, RC cars` transmitters have a 2.4GHz frequency; if you can swap the previous controller for one with the same frequency, it will be much easier to pair it with your vehicle. 

Further, make sure the transmitter you’ve picked allows you to control and take advantage of your RC car’s features, including pulling different stunts. It would be best to choose a remote control from the same manufacturer as the previous one. 

Modify the Frequency

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If you don’t find a remote controller with the same frequency as the old one or is incompatible with your car, skip the first step and begin here. If you don’t know how to modify your RC vehicle’s frequency with your new remote control, there is a way you can modify it.

Typically, affordable vehicles have the same frequency. On the other hand, some of them offer a few frequency options to choose from. These RC cars have a frequency of 27 MHz; here are two processes to change the frequency:

You can opt to switch the detachable crystal from the controller. This is the go-to option for those with inexpensive remotes who want to modify their frequency. While it sounds easy, it is expensive. Also, double-check that the crystal mount is compatible with the crystal on the RC vehicle reiver. 

The other technique to change your remote’s frequency is using a radio frequency controller that facilitates receiver pairing. That said, you’ll have to spend some extra cash on two RC cars featuring these systems. 

Nonetheless, this is a superior technique to the first one and has easily replaceable parts if needed. 

Tips when Changing the Remote Control on your RC Car

    • Find the anti-interference transmitters allowing you to simultaneously play with and control several RC gadgets. 
    • Check your budget. Numerous affordable options will meet your needs and will be of good quality. 
    • Teens and younger kids should not work alone. It’s necessary that an adult supervises their work when changing their controller’s frequency.

Programming a Remote to your RC Vehicle

A programmable RC controller for toy cars typically lets you control multiple cars with one remote control. For instance, if you program your RC car’s frequency in the transmitter, you’ll see that you’ll require reprogramming it in the future. 

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Fortunately, reprogramming the RC transmitter is similar for all versions. Also, this is a fast and easy process, so within a few minutes, you’ll be done. 

  • If you’ve already installed the software for the transmitter, then you can control it from your computer. 
  • Next, link the transmitter cable to the USB port on the computer.
  • When it’s connected, switch on the transmitter.
  • Open the software for the transmitter on your computer.
  • Click on the file option, select the transmitter from the list of gadgets, and import. This process will control the ongoing programming of your transmitter to your PC. Once done, you can remove the included frequencies that you won’t be using. 

    Lastly, key in the frequencies you want to use in your controller transmitter; go to file, save changes, and you’re done! You have successfully programmed your RC car’s transmitter. 


    Can I Use A different Controller for My RC Vehicle?

    Yes. You can choose a controller with the same frequency as your RC car. However, if you can’t find one with a similar frequency, you can opt for a different one and change the frequency. 

    Is it possible to Program My RC Car’s Controller?

    Maybe. This depends on the version and age of the car. It’s easy to program a new controller by pushing the key on the fob and a few turns on the ignition. 

    Can I Connect a Transmitter to Any Receiver?

    Sure! You can bind any transmitter to a receiver. However, before doing so, make sure you have a switching antenna for transmission. This is essential since it will make the switch automatic. If not, the transmitter’s power will spoil the receiver. 

    Why is My RC Car’s Remote Control Not Working?

    There are many reasons why your Remote control is not working, including the following:


    The most common reason your controller isn’t working is the batteries. If this is the issue, find a new pair of batteries, and you’re good to go! If this doesn’t work, check the RC car’s batteries to make sure all the cables and connectors are properly linked.

    However, if your RC car remains unresponsive, even after switching batteries and checking the transmitter connections, it could be an issue with the vehicle itself. Probably mechanical issues like problems with the suspension system, engine, or steering arm. 

    In Conclusion

    Changing the remote control on your RC car is easy, but you have to tread lightly to avoid making mistakes. Also, we’ve covered how to program your remote control for your RC cars. This is the trickiest part, and you’ll have to do it again after some time. 

    It’s imperative to focus on a few things before you begin the reprogramming process, which is why I’ve compiled this guide to help you out as you change your remote control’s frequency to be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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