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How to Soften Hard Compound RC Crawler Tires

RC Crawler Tires

RC crawler tires are great for driving on tough terrain but can be very hard at times. Hard compound tires dramatically increase the weight and traction of the vehicle. These changes in weight and traction can cause the suspension to sag, roll over the side or even come off the ground.

To protect against these issues, it’s important to soften the RC tires before you install them on your RC vehicle. This will allow you to avoid any damage caused by excessive wear on the surface of your vehicle. Here are the four best ways to soften compound RC crawler tires:

How to Soften hard Compound RC Crawler Tires 

You first need to examine your tires and determine the compound they are made from. This will help you choose the type of softener to use.

There are several compounds used in tires, but the most common ones are rubber and plastic. Rubber compounds have more flexibility than plastic compounds. So they’re better at handling heat, cold and sharp objects such as rocks and tree roots.

Plastic compounds are best at resisting heat, while rubber compounds are better at resisting cold temperatures. When choosing between a rubber and plastic compound. Try to find one with high traction coefficient numbers so that your vehicle will have good traction on dry and wet surfaces, like mud or snow.

Next, use one of these techniques to soften them:

Heat it up

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Run the tire over a fire pit or camp stove for a minute or two. Then let it cool down completely. Repeat at least three to five times, depending on the severity of the toughness.

Use a heat gun

Alternatively, you can use an air-powered heat gun to soften hard compound RC crawler tires. 

There are two types of heat guns: hot air and cold air. Hot air is better suited for softer materials such as rubber or plastic. While cold air is better suited for harder materials. 

If you use a hot air gun, ensure it’s on low or medium heat to prevent burning the tire. 

Add glycerin

Add a little glycerin to the mix if the compound is too hard. You can buy this at most gas stations or grocery stores in one-gallon jugs and pour it directly on your tire’s compound. You need less than half a cup per tire, depending on its size.

Add baking soda

If you want to soften your tire’s compound but don’t want to mess with glycerin, try baking soda instead! Mix about one tablespoon of baking soda with equal parts water, then pour over your tires and let sit overnight (or longer). 

The next day, shake off any excess water before running over it again until it`s softened enough.

Importance of softening RC tires 

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The hardness of the compound determines how much force will be needed to drive over an object, such as an obstacle or trail. A hard compound tire will have more bite than a soft compound tire when it comes to driving over hard surfaces such as gravel roads, mud, or snow.

  • Softening hard compound RC crawler tires can help improve their performance by making them less abrasive against surfaces. This means you will not experience any damage to your vehicle when driving over rough terrain because the tire’s grip is compromised.
  • It will reduce the chances of your tire blowing out while driving your RC crawler.
  • Your tires will last longer, allowing you to go on more adventures without having to change them frequently.
  • Softening the compounds will also make it easier to maintain your tire pressure with regular tire rotations and inflation checks.
  • You’ll have better control when driving over rough terrain because the soft compound will help absorb shock from bumps, potholes, etc., without damaging your equipment or causing any other issues with.


Can acetone soften my hard compound RC tires?

Yes. You can use acetone to soften the tire, but it will not make them sticky. The reason why acetone won’t do this is that it doesn’t contain any water, which is what makes most glue stick to tires.

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You can use acetone with some success on hard compound tires, but it’s not ideal because it will dry out the rubber and cause it to crack over time. This can also reduce the tire’s lifespan by 5-10 % or more, depending on how much you use and how bad your vehicle’s condition is. 

What Will Liquid Wrench Do to My RC Tires?           

A liquid wrench is a special glue that you can apply to a tire to help loosen the compound from the tire. It has a strong grip on the tire’s surface and can be used for various purposes. Many people use it to remove mud and other contaminants from their tires, but some use it to loosen up the compound so they can remove them immediately.

It is made from a special epoxy resin and can be applied by spraying it onto the tire’s surface or using an applicator brush. Once applied, you have to wait until it dries before removing your wheel coverings. You will notice that once you have removed your wheel coverings, there will be no more signs of any damage or wear on your tires.

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to soften your RC crawler tires? I hope this guide has given you a better idea of your options and how each technique can soften your tires. As with everything on an RC car, you won’t have any issues if you carefully break in your tires. Practice makes perfect, so get out there and start softening your RC crawler tires!

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