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What is a good RC rock crawler I’m new to it?

What is a Good RC Rock Crawler I'm New to It.

RC rock crawlers are compact yet massively fun to own. Gone are the days when they were only suitable for kids. Thanks to technological advancements, these rigs can also be used by adults. However, those new to this hobby might not know what a good RC rock crawler is. 

Fortunately, I have included a guide to help you make the right decision during your shopping expedition. From the type of rock crawler you should pick to the best models, here is what a good RC rock crawler should feature:

What is a Good RC Rock Crawler?

When shopping or researching for the best RC rock crawler, there is a wide range of options. For this reason, it might be difficult to find a reliable rig. 

The first aspect to factor in is the type of RC crawler you’ll need according to your skills. Different rock crawlers offer varying accessibility and performance. Also, some are easier to use than others. For a newbie like yourself, a Ready-to-run rock crawler (RTR) is the most suitable pick. 

It is ideal for a beginner who looks forward to going out and driving around without stressing about tweaking or building anything before driving the car. 

On the other hand, if you aren’t entirely new to the RC rock crawling scene and want additional control over your car, you might have a better experience with a kit. This will require assembling, but you will also understand your rock crawler better. 

Here is what a good RC rock crawler should have:

The best advice I can give you is to read reviews from other racers, so you can better understand what each car has to offer and their experience with it. 

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The first thing you’ll see in a reliable rock crawler is ample torque. This is one of the few factors that impact your rock crawler’s performance. Reduced gear ratios will give your rock crawler a better chance of climbing over huge boulders and maneuvering smaller obstacles. 


Another vital aspect of a rock crawler is handling. You want a car that is perfectly responsive, though not too slow, that your friends will leave you behind. So, make sure you check out the steering system. Some rock crawlers feature servo steering. It is more responsive and faster than the other steering mechanisms. 

Ground Clearance 

When driving this type of rig, there are times when you’ll have to push things off your trail. For this reason, it is essential for your car to deliver good ground clearance. While it may look like less clearance offers more fun, it can spoil the body and undercarriage quickly. 

It would be best to go for a rock crawler with decent ground clearance, as it will help hinder undercarriage damage as you maneuver through different barriers. 

Tires & Wheels 

Considering this is a car, the tires and wheels are vital. When it comes to the tires, you should ensure they feature more treads if you intend to tackle rocky terrain since they deliver improved grip. Rock crawlers with huge soft wheels and treads covering the tires optimize traction when driving over and through barriers. 

Typically, the tires are bead locked to the wheel. This ensures that they don’t detach from the wheel when rock crawling. 

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Your rock crawler should effectively traverse both uneven and even surfaces. A reliable suspension system drives through rocks and boulders with finesse. This is also one of the features that will determine your driving experience. 

Locked differentials

You probably don’t know this, but rock crawlers need 4-wheel drive systems. They also require locked differentials, which allow you to stop diverting power to the tires that are simply spinning or off-ground. This gives you improved traction in driving over barriers. 

Waterproof Components

Having waterproof electronic components adds to your rig’s versatility and durability. You can find models that feature waterproof electronic components, which is key in preventing rust and corrosion. 

Additionally, this allows you to drive through wet surroundings. Lastly, it adds to the components and your RC rock crawler’s durability in general. 

Related Questions 

Is Rock Crawling a Fun Sport?

Absolutely! So much so that even grownups purchase these mightily compact yet powerful remote-controlled cars. This sport is perfect whether you like staying indoors or prefer exploring the outdoors. 

You can build an RC rock crawling course in your garage or explore the outdoors. However, this might not be your ideal sport if you prefer driving at high speed. Nonetheless, if you’re great at off-roading, you will enjoy RC rock crawling. 

Also, you get to set up your RC rock crawler, so if interested, you can purchase a kit instead of an RTR vehicle

Which Are the Best RC Rock Crawler Brands?

There are numerous RC rock crawler brands with great products. However, the best ones are Traxxas, Redcat, and Axial. When choosing the brand to purchase from, factor in the type of rock crawler you want. 

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How Fast Does an RC Rock Crawler Drive?

As pointed out, RC rock crawlers aren’t engineered for high speeds. They are usually built for optimum torque to weight ratio. This facilitates ascending and crawling over rocks and other tough terrains.

That said, RC rock crawlers usually drive at 10 to 20 mph. 

In Conclusion

RC rock crawlers are usually slow-moving and electric, so they are perfect for both kids and adults. When it comes to the 1/8 scale models, they are perfect for kids over 14 and grownups. On the other hand, the 1/10 scale cars are for both outdoors and indoors. If you don’t mind spending more cash, consider purchasing this RC rock crawler, and ensure it features a 4-wheel steering system due to its extra abilities.

The 1/8 scale cars are rather massive and feature 4-wheel steering and two motors, giving some serious backup when driving outdoors on challenging terrain. 

Something else you should purchase is another battery so that when one depletes, you replace it and continue rock crawling. Moreover, you can find batteries in the NIMH battery class. You’ll require a battery sporting a white connector for your 1/10 scale and, for the 1/8 scale, a red connector. 

Well, there you go; a few pointers on what a good RC rock crawler should have. 

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