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What is the Best RC Rock Crawler 

What is the Best RC Rock Crawler 

If you are adventurous and want a new exciting hobby, investing in an RC rock crawler is the best choice. These units are a bundle of fun and excitement and offer unlimited hours of delight. The only catch is to ensure you choose one that is long-lasting and durable! 

Rock crawlers are conspicuous vehicles by their stunning climbing abilities and slow driving style. At the same time, rock crawlers are not just popular RC toys for kids but are also exciting hobbies for adults and teens used for competitions around various countries. 

What is the Best RC Rock Crawler

Ideally, there are numerous reasons to get an RC rock crawler. First, they are built to suit off-road use and can take massive beating. Also, they feature sturdy suspension systems that enable them to transit over obstacles, not to mention being slow which renders them ideal for crawling around rocks. 

If you are asking what is the best rock crawler, this article is for you. This article will outline the best RC rock crawlers to help you search for the best rock crawler in the market. 

Top Picks for the Best RC Rock Crawler:

Traxxas TRX-4

The Traxxas TRX-4 is a top-of-the-line RC rock crawler that boasts impressive capabilities. With its powerful motor and four-wheel drive, the TRX-4 can tackle even the most challenging terrains, from rocky trails to steep inclines. Its advanced suspension system allows for smooth maneuvering, while its waterproof electronics make it ideal for all-weather use.

Key Features:

Four-wheel-drive system
Waterproof electronics
Advanced suspension system
High-torque Titan motor
Remote locking differentials

Axial SCX10 III

The Axial SCX10 III is a popular choice among RC rock crawling enthusiasts for its versatility and performance. With its realistic design and durable construction, the SCX10 III can handle anything you throw its way. Its advanced transmission system allows for smooth and precise control, while its adjustable suspension system ensures optimal performance on any terrain.

Key Features:

Realistic design
Durable construction
Advanced transmission system
Adjustable suspension system
High-performance motor

Axial Capra Currie (1.9 4WS) Unlimited Trail Buggy

Axial Capra Currie (1.9 4WS)

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Are you looking for the ultimate RC rock-crawling machine? If so, then the Axial Capra 1.9 4WS is the ideal choice. This Currie Unlimited Buggy trail features a combination of rear and front steer and unmatched maneuverability. I love its unique Dig setup that allows you to perfectly lock its rear axle affording you superb control when crawling over obstacles. 

I also like its superb tube chassis that offers realistic scale looks, not to mention its Currie Portal (F9) axes that afford good clearance. Every suspension pivot is built from stainless (rust-proof) steel for durability. 

The Axial Capra 4WS 1.9 unit transmission comprises an optional Dig setup usually disabled by the manufacturer, and when activated, it allows you to lock its rear axle drive. This way, I identified that you could pull the buggy around its front end while holding its rear in perfect space. 

This unit’s tube chassis offers realistic scale looks and is optimized for tire clearance and suspension. The F9 Portal Currie Axes offers 45% plus extra ground clearance. 

All suspension pivots and links are made of stainless steel to offer durable and precise suspension points. Finally, all axes comprise metal universals that offer smooth action for a durable and efficient drivetrain. This is the ideal rock crawler for anyone searching for the ultimate in performance and realism. 



    • RTR. For 14 +

    • 4WS Spektrum™ DX3™ transmitter: It features superb DSMR® technology to offer a superior response, range, and superb interference resistance

    • The rear and front steer, making it super capable on rough & rocky terrain. 

    • Steer axles at every end of the crawler for advanced 4-wheel steering maneuverability. 



    •  1.9 4WS Unlimited Trail Buggy Axial® Capra™ RTR

    •  2.4GHz Smart 3-Channel Remote Control- Spektrum™ DX3

    • Spektrum™ 40A Brushed Smart Firma™  (2-in-1) ESC and Receiver Unit

    • 35T brushed Axial® motor

    • Waterproof Spectrum

    • LED Lighting Kit
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    • Instruction Manual

    •  Vehicle Charger & Battery



    • It comes with the exclusive 2.4GHz Spektrum™ DX3™ DSMR® remote control to offer superior response and range

    • rear  and front wheel Out-of-the-box steering for precise maneuverability

    • F9 Currie portal axles offering over 45 degrees plus steering and extra ground clearance



    • The parts not included  are quite expensive

The market is packed with a wide array of RC rock crawlers to choose from, and if you want some other great options, here are some great alternatives. 

Gen7 Pro-Redcat Racing Everest 

The Redcat Everest racing crawler is a fantastic rock crawler that provides a fantastic platform for anyone looking to adventure into the crawling realms. This Gen7 Pro comprises a stunning array of features usually optional in other models, like the 3mm ladder (powder-coated) frame chassis, established by the Two Guys Trail Gear and BPC Custom Chassis.  

I particularly like its unique steel electronics bridge and forward-mounted battery tray that creates a highly durable platform that I discovered perform well alongside customized crawlers that cost twice as much. 

The Gen 7 Pro also has multiple standard features, including inner fenders, folding mirrors, molded snorkel, ball hitch, shackle mount bumpers comprising D-rings, and a roof rack enhanced with scale accessories. 

I love the spare tire, shovel, fuel cans, sand ladder, and ax 

0. 0This way, as I discovered, makes it easier to perform minor maintenance and charge the battery courtesy of its fabulous body tilt system. 

With this Gen7 Pro rock crawler, you enjoy a die-cut decal sheet enhanced with white, red, wood grain and black panel options to offer a customized look for your vehicle. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, this stunning rock crawler is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a high-quality, reliable, affordable crawler. 

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What’s more, for its price range, it offers decent monetary value and would be a wonderful addition to all crawling enthusiasts’ crawler collections. 

Axial SCX24 Deadbolt

The SCX24 Axial Deadbolt rock crawler is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a capable and versatile crawler. With its compact size, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. I especially like its hardy-built and reliable Nitto tires that can impeccably handle any terrain. 

This unit comes with a steering servo and radio system that render this unit ready to hit the ground running. The Dynamite 88T electric (brushed) motor provides adequate power to run through virtually every obstacle. 

Besides its stunning features, this unit features a ready-to-run kit, so I don’t have to purchase anything extra: steering servo, 4AA batteries, USB charger, 2.4GHz radio system, and brushed electric motor (88T). Hence, if you want a new challenge or need a versatile and reliable crawler, then the Deadbolt SCX24 is the best choice. 


Q: What makes a good RC rock crawler?

A: A good RC rock crawler should have a durable construction, advanced suspension system, and high-performance motor to tackle challenging terrains.

Q: What is the best RC rock crawler for beginners?

A: The Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Pro is a great choice for beginners, as it offers impressive performance at an affordable price point.

Q: Can RC rock crawlers be used on any terrain?

A: Yes, RC rock crawlers are designed to handle a wide range of terrains, from rocky trails to steep inclines.


RC rock crawlers are ideally remote-controlled vehicles designed to overcome virtually any obstacle effortlessly. These units are the ideal choice for RC fans who delight in the thrill of adventure and action and are always looking to explore new terrain paths. The vehicles outlined here are particularly suitable for kids since the primary focus isn’t on speed but on skillful, exciting maneuvering.

Find & Share Trails!

RC Spotters is the best community to find and share trails and more. Join today and plan your next adventure.

Happy Crawling! 


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