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Which RC car toy doesn’t break down after 10 seconds?

Which RC car toy doesn't break down after 10 seconds

The exponential evolution of RC cars in the past few years has led to faster and more durable products. For instance, the rock crawler is a unique RC car model that can effortlessly ascend offroad like a four-wheel ride. 

These magnificent toys are fun to race and play with over different setups, including rocky terrain, and are ready to go straight out of the box! However, like most vehicles, toys, or full-sized, they tend to break down at some point. 

Obviously, these toys won’t last a lifetime since the wheels, gears, motors, and bearings give in after a while. Fortunately, a broad scope of RC cars will only break down after a few days of purchase. Which are they? I’ll cover that later in this write-up; let’s first take a look at some of the reasons why your RC toy car might break down and the solution for each problem:

Four Main Reasons Why RC Cars Break Down

The following are the four main reasons your RC toy car might break down:

Wiring Blunders 

The most common problem that results in your RC car breaking down is that the wiring is set up incorrectly. Even the most minor error in wire connections, including wrongly plugged or connected cables, could lead to a short circuit in the entire system, making your RC car break down. 

If the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) is frequently shorting when you plug in your RC car, you should look at it to ensure all the cables are correctly set up. I have seen some people claim their cars are okay, only for them to break down mid-race later. 

Excessive Draw 

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This only happens sometimes since most RC cars are compatible with integrated motors. Nevertheless, in a few unique situations, the ESC overheats when the engine needs a lot of power to run smoothly. Prevalently, this will result in your vehicle breaking down. 

If the ESC isn’t designed to handle that much power, it will break or melt in an attempt to attain this capacity. 


This includes dust and debris, which is rather difficult to avoid considering all you do is race on different terrain. Your RC car’s components are partially waterproof, so you should take time to waterproof them. 

This way, when you’re racing in rocky and sandy terrain and get dirty, the dirt won’t access the RC car’s interior components. This is because when the dirt accumulates, it might lead to a short circuit and break down, and you’ll have to purchase a new one. 

Reverse Voltage 

The last thing that could make your RC car break down is reverse voltage. This is rare, but it’s possible. Reverse voltage is when the motor discharges a voltage right after you turn the RC car’s wheel. This voltage passes through the entire system and shorts most of the electric components. 

Which RC Car Toy Won’t Break Down in 10 Seconds 


As promised, here are the top five best RC toy cars that won’t break down before you reach the finish line;

Traxxas X-Maxx

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that my top pick is from Traxxas. This is a well-known manufacturer of reliable RC cars, and the X-Maxx is no exception. 

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This car has been on the market for a while now and is much more savage than its predecessors. Its dimensions stand at 22.5 by 15.95 inches (L X W). Also, it weighs a mere 10.5 ounces and is equipped with a 2400kV motor, which makes it possible for this RC car to reach speeds of up to 60 mph!

While many RC crawlers can exceed this speed, it’s sufficient to win you a few races. It sells at slightly over $550. And while it isn’t affordable, this magnificent beast won’t break down and cost you that first position in the race. 

Orrente Stunt

If you’re looking for a cool and fun RC car for you or the kids, this is the way to go. This RC car will do most stunts and tricks with ease on the race tracks, including flipping and stumbling. 

It is powered by two motors and features a four-wheel drive design, which is why it stunts effortlessly. This 1/28 scale RC car can move back and forth, turn right and left, stumble 3600, and much more! The wheels` flexibility is also partly responsible for this vehicle’s ease when doing stunts. 

Something else to love about the Orrente RC car is the LED light, in case you’re racing at night or in a dark place. The only downside is the reduced battery life. However, it is affordable, selling between $25 and $50. 

Traxxas Bandit

Here is yet another car from Traxxas, a 1/10 scale version. It has a light chassis, presents effortless handling, and reaches up to 35 mph. Due to its ease of use, it’s perfect for beginners. Again, this RC buggy is the best option if you’re fond of racing in rocky and rough terrain. It traverses through these terrains as perfectly as it would pavements. 

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Next are the waterproof electronic components, allowing you to use the RC car in any weather. The 12-turbo 550 motor is ideal for newbies interested in using serious equipment. While it is sold at less than $200, it doesn’t come with a charger and battery, so you’ll have to purchase them separately. 

Regardless of the expensive tag, the Bandit RC car is, debatably, one of the most reliable RC cars you can purchase. 

Nissan Skyline RC Cars from Jada Toys 

Last on my list is the fast and furious GT-R RC car. This drift electric RC vehicle has a blue and silver livery which is present on Brian’s Skyline GT-R from the Fast and Furious. Considering it s a drift electric toy car, it doesn’t entirely focus on speed, which is why the manufacturer doesn’t market it on that basis. 

However, it comes with spare tires since they are prone to ruin as you do your drift on different terrain. At slightly over $160, this vehicle is for sure worth buying. 

In Conclusion

Your RC toy car might break down one or more times throughout its lifespan. However, some will last longer than others, including the ones mentioned here. 

All the same, if you have a reliable RC toy car and don’t want to buy another, you can waterproof the electric components to avoid breaking down.

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