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Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing Remote Control Cars

Today, remote control cars are something entirely different from the old-fashioned models, thanks to technological advancements in this sector. Previously, RC cars were mere toys, designed for kids. They also had a few tech features and poor durability. However, over the past few years, manufacturers have taken their production skills to another level. Thanks to this, the market is now flooded with remote-controlled cars for adults! 

Yes, I said adults. These RC cars are scale models of full-sized vehicles, with almost all the features that the full-sized counterparts offer. Besides, they are versatile, powerful, and fast! Among these remote control cars are RTR kits, perfectly designed for beginners. There are also off-roading buggies and trucks; despite your needs in terms of features and performance, there is something for everyone. 

This way, you can have fun racing your RC car on various terrains from a safe distance, and without risk of injury. While there are high chance your RC vehicle will hit numerous obstacles, fall, or roll over as a beginner, every time you drive, you will learn something new about your RC vehicle. Make sure you pick a durable RC car regardless of your skill level. 

So, what factors should you consider when choosing remote control cars? There are many factors to consider, including your skill level, the type of RC car, your budget, and so on. I know it sounds overwhelming, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you will have a hard time deciding. 

Fortunately, I have created this article; listed, and explained in detail, the factors you should weigh in, before purchasing a remote control car.

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Here they are:


So, why are you purchasing an RC car, and what do you intend to do with it? by answering these questions honestly, you’ll be able to decide the type of remote control vehicle you need. Here is more on that:


If you are more of a competitive racer, then I recommend purchasing a Nitro RC car. They tend to be more powerful, and faster, hence perfect for racing. 


Remote control cars manufactured for off-roading are very different from RC cars built for racing. For instance, they feature big wheels and have high ground clearance. These features are purposely integrated to help your off-roader conquer obstacles and traverse rugged terrain with unsurpassed ease. 


Some of us just want a car to drive around and have fun with; no competitions, local or national, nothing serious. For you, I recommend electric remote control cars. They are easy to drive and even easier to maintain. 

Power and Performance 

The other factors to consider when choosing remote control cars is power and performance. these are dictated by three important components:

  • Motor type
  • Suspension system 
  • Tires

Motor Type

Generally, motors are important components of your RC car, and they come in two types:

  • Electric Motors
  • Gas-Powered Motors 

Typically electric motors are better preferred than gas-powered motors. They are powered using rechargeable batteries. They offer quiet operation and are easy to maintain; hence RC cars with electric motors are a better match for beginners. On top of that, they are affordable. 

Gas-powered motors, are powerful and can reach higher top speeds than electric motors. This makes them more expensive and better suited for professionals. Unfortunately, they are hard to maintain. 

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I would recommend gas-powered motors for professional drivers, who mostly take part in competitions. 

Suspension System 

The suspension system of an RC car is built explicitly to absorb shock and uphold the stability of the vehicle of different terrains. As such, a good suspension system is crucial if you want to have a good time off-roading and rock crawling. 

RC car suspension systems are categorized into these two types:

  • solid axle suspension 
  • independent suspension

Independent suspensions have independent shocks for every wheel. This setup delivers better flexibility and stability on rough terrain. 

However, solid axle suspensions use a single beam to join two wheels, thus providing better stability on flat surfaces. 


RC car tires are also an important factor to consider. This is because they will affect performance. RC car tires are categorized into three types you can choose from depending on your needs: all-terrain, off-road, and slick tires. 

Slick tires are purposely built to drive on smooth and flat surfaces easily, and they provide great traction on such surfaces. But, off-road tires are ideal for rough surfaces like dirt, muddy and rocky terrain. 

On the other hand, all-terrain tires are a hybrid of the first two types of tires. This helps them deliver great traction on both smooth and rough terrain. 


How much speed can you handle? This will depend on your skills and the terrain you intend to drive on. For instance, if you’ll mostly be on rough terrain, you will require an RC vehicle with a low top speed, such as an RC truck or rock crawler. 

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Nevertheless, if you want to drive on flat surfaces like pavements, then I recommend a high top speed. Then again, the most suitable remote control cars for newbies do not have to reach 100 mph. Fortunately, some remote control cars have a speed controller fitted in the transmitter to help you move fast through the learning curve. 

Build Quality & Durability 

We all want an RC car that will serve us for a long time, which is why durability and build quality should be a priority. 

Go for an RC car built using top-quality, resilient materials that can handle crashes and impact without getting ruined. Remote control cars made of metal are more resilient compared to those made of plastic.

Something else to consider is the quality and thickness of the tires and wheels since they can impact the performance of your RC vehicle. 


Purchasing an RC vehicle can be a wonderful experience. And while the research process might sound tedious, it is best to go through it to avoid investing in the wrong RC car. Consider the purpose of the car, your skill level, speed, durability, and availability of spare parts. Also, don’t forget to check your budget; don’t break the bank to purchase a remote-controlled vehicle. 

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