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10 Awesome RC Race Tracks You’ll Only Find In the US

RC Race Tracks

The US is among the best countries to find RC race tracks, with a wide range of options to choose from. But some tracks are better than others, hence the favorite among the RC racers. 

So, which are these awesome tracks you can find in the US? Read on to find out! Even though some RC race tracks are found in public tracks, there are those in the city, so you won’t miss out even when you travel. 

With that in mind, if you want to get out and race your RC car on American soil, you have come to the right place! 

Here are the 10 awesome RC race tracks you’ll only find in the US:

MHOR R/C Raceway

Topping my list is this amazing RC off-roading track located in Denver. As part of the package, this RC race track has a full-service shop with experienced and skilled racers packed with numerous race-friendly and off-road trucks and buggies in case you want to upgrade your ride. 

This race track has three tracks; all dedicatedly built for 1/10 scale RC cars or smaller models. The 7,000 Sq. ft. racing track is situated indoors along with the 3,000 Sq. ft high-traction grooved RC track race. 

Moreover, for the RC racers who love racing outdoors, you won’t be left behind, thanks to the 7,800 Sq. ft race track situated outdoors. This is an off-road trail, so if you are a beginner, you should start with the indoor options. 

Also, there is plenty of space, with this race track sporting 90 pit spaces. As for keeping scores, this race track includes DC and AC power, and they employ the most recent My-Laps timing setup with the latest Lifetime scoring software. 

Tacoma RC Raceway

Off-roaders here is one more race track for you! The Tacoma RC Raceway is the perfect track for off-roaders, with a completely serviced body shop and a wide range of off-road RC cars. Therefore, if you want to test your driving skills but haven’t invested in an RC car, you can purchase one here and get some free advice and a few recommendations from the experts. 

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This raceway has a 9,600 Sq ft indoor facility sporting a 5,400 Sq. ft race track, with sufficient pit space, and perfect for off-roaders of all skill levels. Besides, this track is often adjusted for a more challenging experience. 

Mansfield RC Raceway

This raceway was established in 2016 by fellow RC racers with the intention of creating an environment where RC racers could have fun as they do what they love! 

It started with about 8 RC racers in a small park and an inexpensive carpet. Several years later, that small park’s space has turned into an 8,000 sq. ft space, hosting races three days weekly in the Winter. 

That said, this space was designed with racers of all skills, so whether you are a beginner or professional RC racer, you will have a wonderful time on this race track. 

Further, you will find a few professional racers who will help you out and aid in sharpening your driving skills. Finally, the proceeds take care of track expenses to improve the raceway and the facility. 

Pepper Tree RC Race Track

Situated in California, the Pepper Tree race track is approximately 6,000 sq. ft. Which is somewhat smaller than the first three race tracks. But this doesn’t make it any less efficient. It is mostly open during the weekends, you can drive till late in the night, thanks to the integrated bright lights. 

The 8 ft. long driving stand will hold up to 12 drivers at a go. Besides, the race track is built for 1/8 and 1/10 scale RC cars. So if you have this type of RC car, you have a spot in this incredibly built RC raceway facility. 

Buffalo Chip Park

If you think that this is an amusement park, then you are right; it’s just there in the name! But, besides being an amusement park, this space also holds one of the best RC race tracks in Tennessee. 

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It sports some of the best and most challenging race-ready tracks with a wide range of hurdles and jumps. Also other fun activities like roller coasters, boat rides, and so on. Besides, if you are a go-kart and mini-golf lover, then this park is the place to visit. And best of all, it is open throughout the year! 

Antelope Valley RC Race Track

Are you in Palmdale and just can’t find the right RC race track to drive your buggy? Feel free to visit the Antelope Valley RC race. This is one of the oldest RC courses in the US. It stretches up to 2.5 miles, with nine tracks patterned like the most well-known European race tracks. 

What’s more, it lets you face off with other racers in a conducive and friendly environment. Again, you’ll get extra services, such as a few garages, which let you enhance your car’s features and make the necessary repairs to make your RC car race-ready. Plus, you will also get fuel and tire services in the garage.

Moss RC Track 

This race track was built by a father & son who came from England, and it is among the most well-known race tracks worldwide. It is designed based on an old-time mining site, though it has been transformed entirely into something incredible! 

It has a wide variety of hurdles and obstacles that you can navigate, conquer, climb over or jump. The construction is so distinctive that you won’t want to go racing anywhere else upon seeing it. However, the tracks are for RC racers only, so if you want to drive slow or for a short while, this might not be the best RC race track. 


This is a race track designed for 1/8-scale RC cars. It has a spacious driver’s stand, 220-inch jumbotron, elated pit lane, and bleachers for the spectators. This is the largest track worldwide, with 24,000 Sq. ft of space, but unfortunately, this raceway is only for 1/8 scale RC truggies and buggies. 

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Thunder Road RC Race Track 

For the RC racers in Minnesota, Thunder Road RC race track is the perfect indoor RC track. This is not only a space to race your RC car but also a place where you can socialize and have fun. It’s the ideal fun and friendly environment for racers to be in as they race their RC cars. 

They have several race tracks and services, including:

  • Gaming section. 
  • Indoor 1/10 scale off-road track for racing. 
  • It’s an outdoor dirt road, though it’s closed during the Winter. 
  • RC rock crawlers for rent. 
  • Indoor course for RC rock crawlers. 
  • Beverages & snack area.
  • Completely powered pit tables. 

The Thunderdome RC Race Track

Finally, I will tell you about the Thunderdome RC race track in Illinois. It is situated conveniently in an area with many restaurants and hotels for a wonderful experience for both guests and RC racers. 

It hosts 1/10 scale RC cars, with both on-road and off-road racing tracks, and also features a 1/128 scale on-road championship-level RCP track. 

Their race categories are:

  • 1/28 scale on-road tracks. 
  • 1/10 scale oval.
  • 1/10 scale on-road. 


This is the ultimate list of 10 awesome RC race tracks in the US. Whether you intend to go by yourself or with friends, the US is filled with RC race tracks you can race in. Also, they are free to enter, so there are no additional expenses. 

For beginners who don’t know what RC car to get, you can even visit the race tracks that have hobby shops so that you can get some free advice and great recommendations from the experts.  

Feel free to visit any RC race tracks and have the time of your life! 

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