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RC Crawler Trails Await Your Adventure: Conquer the Great Outdoors

RC crawler trails

We have all, at some point, used remote control cars, and we can agree that they are a joy to behold. Whether you are an all-time or part-time racer, RC cars offer a fun and exciting experience. Besides, it is much safer than racing in a full-sized car! However, if you want to take your skills to the next level, it’s important to have the right car and frequent practice on different terrain. So, do you want to conquer as many RC crawler trails as possible and have more fun on your adventures? Here are some helpful tips:

Choose The Right RC Car for Your Trail  

This one is a must! 

It might not be a good idea to invest in an RC car meant for home use and then take it off-roading. This will damage it, and to be honest, you won’t have a great time maneuvering it on such trails. At the end of the day, you’ll go home frustrated and in need of a new RC car. So, my advice is to choose the right car for the trail you’ll drive on. 

For instance, if you drive on the beach or other sandy terrain, an off-roader or an RC truck would be an excellent choice. Similarly, if you drive on rocky and bumpy terrain, an off-roader is still your best bet.

However, for those of us who prefer driving indoors or less messy terrain, a mini crawler will do you justice. Still, you can invest in an off-roader if you sometimes dip your toes into the rough terrain scene. 

Finally, if you are more into driving on muddy and wet trails, consider investing in an RC car with waterproof electronic parts. This will keep your RC car going for a long since it is aptly shielded from corrosion and other damages linked to wet terrain. 

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Choose the Right RC Car for Your Skills

This one goes without saying; you have to choose an RC car according to your skills. 

For example, someone who’s venturing into RC rock crawling for the first time shouldn’t invest in the more capable and complex models because they will have a hard time operating them. Besides, a complex RC car could lead to beginners abandoning this hobby in the long run due to frustration while operating it. 

With that in mind, beginners should go for a more basic car, like an RTR or beginner-friendly kit. These two are the best options for intermediate RC drivers as well. However, if you are more of an advanced driver, you can go for the more complex kits or high-end models that go up to 100 mph maximum speed. 

Further, you can decide to make your own RC car from scratch! This requires a handful of skills, including mechanical & engineering knowledge and soldering & welding experience. 

RC Rock Crawler Trails 

Now, concerning RC crawler trails, there are a few, which include the following:

Rough Terrain

This RC crawler trail features all sizes of rocks, from pebbles and rocks to huge boulders, and is perfect for off-roading. This trail is more suited for RC cars that have high-ground clearance. Besides, since you will be hitting these rocks and boulders, it would be best to invest in an incredibly durable buggy. 

While filled with different obstacles, this trail is most thrilling and exciting, thanks to the challenge it presents. Most RC rock crawler enthusiasts prefer a trail that’s both challenging and fun, which is exactly what rough terrains offer.

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Smooth & Even Trails 

These trails are easy to drive on for both beginners and professionals. For such terrain, you won’t need an off-roader; a mini crawler will do just fine. This terrain covers everything from your backyard and indoor trails to pavements and tiles. 

Such trails are perfect for beginners and children, as they do not have the driving skills to drive on rough terrain. 

Muddy, Sandy & Wet Trails 

These ones are just as challenging as the rough terrain. However, you need to make sure your RC rock crawler has waterproof electronic parts. This will protect them from the splashes of water and sand while driving. 

If you drive on such RC crawler trails with a buggy that’s not waterproof, it will eventually get damaged, and you will have to buy another. 

For instance, if you drive on sandy trails, sand tends to accumulate on your RC car, including the motor, if it is not waterproof. This eventually damages it, and you might need to replace your motor. 

As for muddy and other wet terrain, it would be best to buy an off-roader for the best experience. This is because you might get stuck in the mud if you choose a car that’s not designed for such trails. 

How About You Build Your Own Trail?

Yes, this is also an option. Some RC rock crawling enthusiasts might prefer creating a custom trail that meets their needs perfectly. This is a great idea because it serves you better than other natural terrains. 

You can build it in your backyard or garage, depending on the space available. Also, this is usually the best option for RC drivers who prefer driving indoors or within the confines of their property. For instance, if you have tiles on the floor and are looking for something more challenging but do not want to go outdoors, you can build a more challenging terrain in your back or front yard. 

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Fortunately, building your RC crawler trail is both challenging and exciting, so you’ll have plenty of fun doing it! 

Also, after using it for some time, you can always upgrade your custom-built trail, maybe add in a few more rocks and boulders to make it a tad more challenging. This will help boost your skills and eliminate the monotony and boredom of using one trail throughout. 


There are many ways to have fun when RC rock crawling. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, including having the right RC car for your RC crawler trails and your skills. 

Also, consider the type of terrain you want to drive on, and if you feel that the natural terrain won’t adequately meet your needs, you can always build your own. With a bit of knowledge, skills, and creativity, you can build the perfect RC rock crawler trail at home. 

This is also the case with RC cars. You can build your own RC car, though you’ll need plenty of skills and knowledge, unlike building a rock crawling trail. 

Well, there you go; what you need to know about conquering RC crawler trails, and have fun on your adventures! 

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