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Top RC Crawler Kits: The Perfect Presents for Rock Crawling Fans 2023

Top RC Crawler Kits

If you are here, you must be looking for something more challenging and interesting than an RTR rock crawler. Fortunately, the industry offers RC crawler kits. These are an excellent choice for the more skilled RC drivers. 

But, what are RC crawler kits? These are unassembled parts of an RC car put together in one package. The buyer has to assemble the parts by themselves. 

Prevalently, you have to know a thing or two about RC cars before investing in this kit. But, for the newbies, you can always refer to the included manual for added convenience. 

With that in mind, here are the top RC rock crawler kits, ideal for all rock crawling enthusiasts:

My Top Pick: G-Made 56000 GOM Rock Crawler Kit 

While this brand is not among the most common ones in the industry, this kit will give even your favorite top-of-the-line models a run for their money! 

First, it is a fascinating package ideal even for the more experienced drivers. This is a plus since most people who like RC crawler kits do it for the challenge they present. Also, your final product will be a durable, high-speed, and handsome buggy with room for multiple customization options. 

Here is my complete review of the G-Made 56000 rock crawler kit:


  • Gas / Electric: Electric
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Width: 318mm
  • Length: 523mm
  • Wheelbase: 380mm
  • Weight: 2Kg 
  • Screws: hex, metric
  • Differential: locked
  • Belt or shaft: Shaft 
  • Motor: brushed

What I Like 

  • It has excellent quality gear mesh, and the shocks are properly assembled. 
  • The dual-speed transmission makes the car easy to drive
  • The 2.2-inch tires are designed for off-road performance 
  • It has a full-tube chassis for ease when loading and unloading luggage. 
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What I Don’t Like 

  • This kit is expensive. 

Key Features 

Dig Transfer Case & Dual-Speed Transmission 

The manufacturer really focused on the drivetrain section. The transmission is fashioned to look like a cool gearbox, and it connects to the transfer case through the steel shaft. 

In it, you will find gears made of top-quality plastic, and they revolve around the ball bearings. Additionally, the transmission includes shift forks, which are handy in choosing low or high gear. Again, shift forks work to disengage/engage the dig function in the transfer case. 

The main role of the servos is to shift between low and high gear, provided you have a three-placement channel on the radio.

Locked Differentials

This buggy has durable rear and front axles. The metallic white differential makes this RC rock crawler stand out, and beneath it, you will find the pinion and metal ring gears. The latter connects to the differential case, which sports metallic lockers for unmatched sturdiness. 

The C-hubs on the front axle can be spined to 10 degrees, while the kingpins slant towards the chassis to reduce the scrub radius. 

Bead-lock Tires with Quality Rubber 

If you’re familiar with off-road rubber, you will appreciate the MT-2202 tires included in this RC crawler kit. These tires feature a thin layer of soft foam, which allows the tires to drive through obstacles with ease. 

The 1.7mm tread depth is somewhat shallow yet perfect for traversing smaller rocks. Nonetheless, it is inadequate when driving through boulders and other rougher surfaces. Something else I need to point out is the plastic rims. These are made of quality plastic and designed for ease when assembling. 

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The magnificent hub cover adds a touch of realism to this buggy, though you will need to undo eight screws to access the axle nuts. However, if you are in a hurry like me, you can install it using two or three screws. 

The Shocks 

I love the deluxe dampers; not only do they have good looks, and anodized screws, but they also feature robust 3.5mm shafts. Additionally, the seals are fitted as cartridges, and once you begin assembling, all the parts will build up to a functional and reliable shock setup. 

The pair of dampers, unfortunately, leaked oil beyond the cartridge threads. Fortunately, this was nothing serious since all I had to do was cover them with a piece of Teflon tape. 

Body & Painting

This review wouldn’t be complete without discussing this RC rock crawler kit’s body. It includes seven panels, which consist of die-cuts. The hood has a basic but durable build. Moreover, the mounting holes are clearly marked and perfectly lined up for easy location. 

As for painting, you can choose a color of your liking; I prefer white cars, which is what I painted mine, and it looks magnificent. However, you can combine colors, whatever you like; the only limitation here is your imagination. 

What’s In the Box?

This kit is expensive, and it comes with the following:

  • One 56000 Gom RC rock crawler kit with a 4WD and GR01 chassis. 

Worthy Competitors 

MAYS RGT EX86100 Pro 4WD Kit

This RC rock crawler kit meets most of the needs of RC rock crawler fans. Its incredible features make it an excellent pick, including the top-quality gears made of durable alloy, metallic CVD drive shaft, and sealed top-quality bearings. 

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In addition, it comes with all the necessary accessories, making it easy to assemble and suitable even for beginners. 

Axial Capra 1.9 Builder’s Kit 

Axial is a well-known brand, with some of the best RC cars on the market, and the Capra 1.9 kit is no exception. 

I love how the dig transmission allowed me to shift from 4WD to FWD using the transmitter, which also locks the back axle for a tighter shifting radius, making this car ideal for off-roading. Unfortunately, the package does not include the battery, charger, and paint. 

All the same, the final product will have an LED light at the top, a practical interior, light buckets, headlight lenses, and a solid plastic front grille. 

Finally, the F9 metal-geared portal axles add incredible ground clearance on various terrains. 

Why Choose the G-Made Gom RC Rock Crawler Kit?

At this point, I don’t think I need to convince you anymore, but I will. This RC crawler kit is magnificent, with high-quality parts, though the best features are the dig transfer case and high-low transmission. Additionally, you will get premium XD shocks and a complete interior. 

Again, there are several clever design aspects, including the slide-in batteries. The G-Made 56000 RC crawler kit is the perfect competitor for the Axial Capra, and while it isn’t a famous brand in this industry, I suspect we will be seeing more from them in the future. 

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