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Exploring RC Rock Crawlers: Finding the Best Option for Newcomers

RC Rock Crawlers: for Newcomers

Are you looking for a thrilling hobby for RC Rock Crawlers and want to make the best decision? This is the best resource to help you explore every vital detail of RC rock crawling.

Unsurprisingly, there are unlimited choices in the online RC market. However, with some exploration and the correct information, any newcomer can be on track for the best RC experience in no time! Here’s what you should know. 

What is an RC Rock Crawler?

RC Rock crawlers are excellent (remote-controlled) vehicles that quickly climb over rocks and scale steep inclines. RCs offer a thrilling driving challenge focused on control & dependability over rough terrain, albeit with steady speed. 

Although these units are limited in pace, they more than overcompensate with their remarkable climbing power. 

RC units have superb acceleration control, drag-powered brakes for steadiness, grippy tires, massive ground clearance, and more. Whether you prefer pure rock crawling or green-lining or are a pro racer, an RC rock crawler is a must-have. 

RC Rock Crawler Kits or RTR for Newcomers? 

Every newcomer should know that RC rock crawling is an easy yet thrilling experience, especially when you have the necessities. Many top RC crawler manufacturers recommend a quality RC crawler kit as the best way to learn RC rock crawling. It is a steeper learning experience than getting an RTR (Ready to Run) unit that only needs you to put on the batteries, and you’re off! 

Buying a kit usually means purchasing a box with necessary pieces that only need assembling to an utterly functional model. Better yet, you’ll now own all the required instruments (usually 2.5, 2, and 3mm hex drivers, scissors, wire snips, ABS model glue (specifically for hardbody/styrene models), head screwdriver, polycarbonate, Lexan paint, some super glue, and small cable ties. 

This about covers it-not to mention you’ll have to purchase the electrics separately, usually an ESC, radio and servo system, and motor at minimum. What’s important here, though, is that not only do you get yourself a pack of useful tools, but you get to assemble your unit individually for a satisfying and exciting hands-on experience. 

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Which Is the Best Option for Newcomers? 

Finally, we are now heading to the best part. You know, understand a handful of tips and models on RC crawlers and what you want to do after following the steps. What now remains is to answer the primary question: which RC crawler is best for newcomers? 

Luckily, the tips and models listed will be helpful! To make your experience more accessible, we have created a brief but comprehensive list of the best crawler models in various categories. Ideally, the best option for one individual may be different for another-which is alright since the market is packed with unlimited choices nowadays! 

Here are the top RC Crawlers for any newcomer worth exploring. 

Top 6 Best RC Rock Crawlers for Beginners

as long-time hobbyists and professionals, it is galling to see how many individuals are misled on what entails ‘the best newcomer crawler.’

Unfortunately, many buy the top recommended models (which is okay-provided the tips are valid) only to discover it is utterly disappointing, resulting in a fizzled-out enthusiasm for crawling. Fortunately, we have outlined the most important factors to consider when buying an RC crawler and the best models as per the considerations. 

Best Value (& Best Beginner RTR!) — Redcat Gen 8 V2.

If you are starved for time, or you don’t own any tools or have the willingness or capacity to use them (and we are not judging, since there’s nothing wrong about this, truthfully), then an RTR (ready to run) RC vehicle might be your ideal fit. While numerous models fit this description, the most dependable one, as we have found through rigorous research, is the Redcat Gen 8 V2.

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Yes, a relatively straightforward option for best-value RC rock crawlers on the trails, this unit is a superb fit for harsh courses. It is packed with ample power and consistency to make any course a nearly ‘walk in the park!’ 

It comes with a robust ‘basher’ that smoothens the experience to the point you ride till you are delighted. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option that is easy to run and operate with minimal hassles when in top shape. 

Performance & Build Experience–Gmade GS02F BOM TC 

If you want overall unmatched crawling performance and durability. The Gmade GS02F BOM TC  is undeniably the crème of RC crawling for newcomers. Ideally, while this model is entirely subjective, having assembled over 20 models in under a decade. With an RC model-building experience spanning over 30 years, we are convinced this is a fantastic option. Besides its performance, it also offers a thrillingly enjoyable building experience for a standard RC.  

Best Scale RC Crawler– RCRun RUN-80

What better way to start your crawling experience than with a proven ‘monster’ in the RCRun RUN-80? Typically, this stunning model is an 80 series Toyota Landcruiser model. While it isn’t as powerful as the options mentioned above, is more gently built. 

It comes with a standard styrene body or ‘hard body’ packed with massive traction wheels and easy operation. This 1:10 model is among the best ‘scale’ models available and is designed to offer a smooth crawling experience notwithstanding the terrain. 

Best All-Rounder Crawler– TRX4 Sport 

The popular TRX4 Sport kit is undeniably a better model than other RTR variants. As it offers you the option of electronics, mainly a radio system, steering servo, and Motor + BYO ESC in the kit. 

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Nonetheless, the TRX4 RTR variant is quite a popular version of the renowned TRX4 platform for its dependability and quality assurance. This rock-solid model comes with reliable and straightforward electronics coupled with superb performance. 

Furthermore, it features superb after-market support. Perhaps only rivaled by another terrific option in the standard Axial SCX10 models – an undeniable achievement. 

You can confidently invest in this unit, as the customer reviews on this model are nothing short of encouraging. With many ratings, it is arguably the most all-around and durable model the market currently offers. 

Best Value– Element RC Enduro Sendero HD

Finally, like with all other investments, value is essential when searching for a suitable RC Crawler for newcomers. Ideally, if you want a unit that is not only capable. But also somewhat of a scale unit at a considerable price. Then the Element RC Enduro Sendero HD is your best pick. 

Its incredible rock-crawling power and performance define it as a standout model for amateurs and professionals. It features a robust engine and well-tracked wheels. many features that make it an easy option for the top best, value RC crawler picks. 

Get Out There!

Hopefully, your newbie experience and RC crawler exploration have not been in vain. You likely have an idea of what to do. Ideally, while there are numerous options for newcomers worth exploring, if you get any of these models listed here. You will surely get an exciting feeling when RC crawls through the rough terrains and uphill. 

Ultimately, the best RC Crawler for newcomers is the one you choose. The experience is always fulfilling when the choice is yours. The best way to explore RC crawlers is to get out there and enjoy your RC unit!

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