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How can I build an RC Car?

How can I build an RC Car

Nothing defeats the thrill of building and driving an RC car that you’ve built. It’s an excellent experience since you’ll feel great knowing you’re using an RC car you built without assistance. 

That said, it would help if you picked out an RC car kit model ideal for your skill level. You’ll even be more poised if you finish on your first attempt. Additionally, an RC car kit will offer you the skills to proceed to a more demanding project eventually. 

Here is a guide on how to build an RC car using an RC car kit:

What You’ll Need

  • Batteries
  • Tool kit 
  • Thread-locking glue
  • Small bowls or compartment trays 
  • An RC kit

Making an RC Car From a Kit 

Shop for an RC Kit in an RC hobby Store or Online.

The first step is looking for a good RC kit. There are numerous models depending on the type of RC car you intend to build. Search in local hobby shops; if there aren’t any, you can always go online. 

Generally, these kits cost $50 to $1000, depending on the included components and the size of the car. If you’re looking for a smaller kit, there are many affordable options. However, go for a pricier kit for a more challenging building experience. 

On top of that, RC car kits have different colors, sizes, and shapes, so pick the one that meets your budget and aesthetic needs. 

Look For a Properly Lit Decluttered WorkSpace 

Choose a suitable working space to leave your building components for a while since assembling the kit will take several days. Ensure the space is lit correctly, as this will allow you to see the tiny parts. 

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If you’re using a hard surface, cover it with a towel before you begin working, so you don’t damage the table’s surface or lose any components. RC kits usually have tiny parts, so be careful not to lose them. 

Make sure you read the instructions before you begin building. If you find some steps difficult, highlight them so you can spend more time on them when you begin building. 

Use Glue on all the Screws Penetrating Metal

Make sure that you use glue on all screws that penetrate metal. This is because they will loosen after driving your RC car for some time. Take your thread-locking glue and use a small amount on the screws before drilling them into position.

You can find this glue in a hobby store or hardware. 

There is no need to use glue on the screws that go into plastic. Moreover, do not use electric screwdrivers because they could remove the screws’ threading. 

Begin by Assembling the Wheel Axles

Take out the wheel pieces and arrange them to avoid losing them. Attach the gears in the rear axle using a screwdriver and the hardware included in the package. When you’re done assembling the axles, fix the wheels to the ends. 

When it comes to the rear wheels, you’ll connect them to the motor, while the wheels at the front will control your RC car’s direction. 

Sort the small components into a small bowl or tray. Most kits include different small bags with components, so depending on how much you’ve progressed in building, you will have to label the parts for organization purposes and a better experience. 

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Do not open all the bags simultaneously to avoid losing parts or mixing them up. For best results, only open the package for the part you are assembling. Also, do not use an electric screwdriver. 

Put Together the Shock System

The shock system will make up the primary support for the chassis and connect to the wheels directly. Put shock oil in the shock, and cover it with the cap. The kit includes shock oil. Place the springs on the shocks’ bottom and screw them in position. Next, screw the shocks to the axles according to the instruction manual. 

Tip: If the package includes multiple components that must be assembled similarly, put them in one place to make the building process more manageable. 

Affix the Battery, Servos, and Electric Motors to the Chassis

The servos are vital as they signal the direction you’re turning the RC car. Position them close to the RC car’s front and connect them to the axles at the front. Screw the motors to the rear axles to connect them to the gears. Next, place the battery atop the chassis and connect all the cables. 

Usually, batteries aren’t included in the kit, so you’ll have to buy them separately. Check the manual in your kit to see the compatible batteries. 

Cover the Chassis 

Take the clips in the kit and use them to attach the RC car’s body to the chassis. When you require to make adjustments or charge the battery, you can detach the body from the chassis. However, make sure to paint your RC vehicle before affixing it to the chassis in case you want a color different from the original. 

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And you’re done building your RC car! 


Can I Take an Old RC Vehicle and Use it To Build a New One?

Yes. While the older vehicle is no longer functional, it could still have usable and durable parts you can use to build a new RC car. It’s an excellent idea to keep the good parts because even though you don’t build your new RC car with them, you can keep them as spare parts. 

Where Can I Buy Affordable RC Car Parts?

First, you can purchase older RC vehicles from other individuals and remove the usable components. And while you will need to purchase a few things, you’ll save some cash with the usable parts in the old RC car you purchased. 

You can also search online or buy components from people instead of brands. Many hobbyists create and sell RC car parts, and they are usually well-built and sturdy. 

Again you can check out RC hobby stores or ask the RC community or your nearby racetrack. 

Is It Worth It Investing in LiPo Batteries?

Yes. These batteries are excellent if you want a potent and fast RC car. However, you can buy Ni-MH batteries if racing isn’t a priority. 

In Conclusion

Building an RC car doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guide and the suitable RC car kit, you’ll have a great self-built RC car within no time!

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