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How to Soften RC Crawler Tires

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There’s plenty to learn about RC cars and everything involved. It’s a captivating hobby to partake in. Whether you drive for sport or fun, you’ve certainly been in a situation that begs the question; how do I soften my RC Crawler tires? Well, in this piece, we cover all you need to know about softening RC crawler tires. 

Here we go!

So, how do you go about it?

When the tires are too tough, you can use one of many chemicals to make them more malleable.  This will soften them and enhance their grip. When racing, the softer and tackier the tires, the better the vehicle will move. There’s marginal or zero traction when the RC tires are too tough. 

How to Soften RC Crawler Tires

You want your RC tires to be soft and tacky for improved maneuverability. Here are the most common ways to achieve that:


    WD-40 is a lubricant that`s handy when you want to soften your tires. You have to spray the tires with this product and leave them for 60 minutes or more to dry before driving. 

    This should soften your tires, making them more flexible. Besides, they`ll have a better grip. This way, you’ll no longer stress about mud clinging to the wheels. 

    Further, if you want to use your vehicle within a short while, you can cover the tires using a plastic bag or place them in a zip-lock bag. This allows the WD-40 to evaporate slower and absorb faster into the wheels.

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    Another technique you can utilize to quicken the drying process is leaving them out in the sun. This allows the sun to heat the rubber. Besides, the chemicals get absorbed swiftly and evaporate. 

    That said, ensure you spray the WD-40 on one tire before using it on the others to check whether it will turn out alright. 

    Simple Green

    This is another way you can soften RC crawler tires. Nevertheless, simple green doesn’t soften RC tires per se. It makes them tackier. To do this, spray them with simple green or soak them overnight. If you prefer to soak the tires, create a 50/50 blend of water and simple green. This guarantees that they don’t come out too sticky. 

    Some people prefer using a small brush to ensure the simple green soaks properly in the tires. That said, you’ll have to leave them for several hours to dry. Additionally, you can wipe or rinse them once you’re done. 

    Liquid Wrench 

    Liquid wrench lubricant spray is an apt alternative to WD-40, and it has proven its ability over the years. Besides, it comes at a more affordable price and reasonable quantity than WD-40, but the results are fairly similar.

    You can use this lubricant on the tires 30 minutes before driving your car. It is not a good idea to leave them soaked in this product. Also, ensure you rinse them after they are dry.

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    Alternatively, you can make a 50/50 liquid wrench and non-chlorine brake mixture since it will dry faster. 

    PB Blaster 

    Here is yet another alternative to WD-40 and liquid wrench. You can directly spray it on your RC tires and use a soft brush to scrub. For the tires to efficiently absorb the chemicals, you can wrap them in plastic or enclose them in a zip-lock bag. 

    To avoid over-spraying, you can use a pressure release applier. Additionally, you can utilize a detergent-releasing sponge to apply the entire surface and avoid wasting the PB blaster. 

    Handy pointers

    Don’t stop trying if the first technique you use doesn’t work. Try several methods to find the best one for your RC vehicle tires and terrain. For instance, if you go for a product that leaves your tires too sticky and soft, they might pick up stones and dirt as you race. 

    Moreover, always wear gloves to avoid spilling the lubricant on your hands.

    Also, some of the chemicals contained in these products might be harmful, so do this in a properly ventilated room to avoid spreading the fumes all over.

    Plus, if lubricant spills on the floor, wipe it immediately to avoid slipping. 

    Note: Don’t soften your tires frequently, as they will wear down swiftly. If you leave them sitting in the chemicals for too long, they’ll expand, making them unusable. 

    Importance of softening RC Crawler Tires

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    The best part about owning an RC vehicle is controlling and driving it with ease across different terrain. On the other hand, most RC vehicles usually come with tough tires when new, making maneuvering more difficult. 

    Here are some reasons why it would be a good idea to soften your RC crawler tires:

    Enhanced traction

    Typically, tough rubber delivers less traction; hence the tires won’t have sufficient traction, precisely when driven on rather a slippery terrain. However, you’ll increase traction substantially once you soften them, bettering your overall experience when racing on various terrain. 

    Better control

    The second reason you should soften RC tires is to control the vehicle better when driving. This means you’ll have improved chances of maneuvering sharp corners without decelerating after softening your RC tires. Plus, better control facilitates easier acceleration or deceleration when racing. 

    Boost vehicle’s output 

    If you drive an RC vehicle with tough tires, you’ll have a hard time accelerating or making emergency brakes as you pass through sharp corners. All the same, after softening, you’ll easily do these things, which will give you an upper hand when racing. 

    In conclusion

    If you’re going to be using your RC car continuously, either for racing or fun, it is always a good idea to take care of the tires, including breaking them in and softening them. Though results may differ depending on the terrain you’re driving on, the materials your tires are made of, and the RC car type you own. 

    Also, as pointed out, it may take several attempts with different products to get the right texture. However, eventually, you’ll find the right “sauce,” and when you do, you’ll drive through different terrain with ease. 

    Have fun racing!

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