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What is a Good Cheap RC Rock Crawler

Cheap RC Rock Crawler

If you love rock crawling, then you’re in the right place! You’ll be happy to know that all the models in this review will cost you less than $200; and will give you value for money. What is a Good Cheap RC Rock Crawler.

Sometime back, I decided to do some research on the most affordable RC rock crawlers. Beware that this was no simple task, considering the myriad of products on the market. Fortunately, I did find several RC crawlers that caught my eye and impressed me with their features. 

Prepare to be impressed!

My Top Pick: SZJJX 4WD RC Cars 

SZJJX 4WD RC Cars - cheap RC Crawler

My top pick is this highly affordable and functional off-road RC car, one of the best on the market. It has a handful of magnificent features, making it a favorite among RC crawler enthusiasts. 

Additionally, it’s well-liked among kids thanks to its attractive RC features, beautiful bodywork, and exteriors. This magnificent beast can effortlessly traverse any terrain, be it sandy, hard, slippery, or even mushy. 

All these capabilities make it one of the best RC rock crawlers on the market. Here are some of the features I loved about it:


    • Unlike most rock crawlers within its range, this one has a 2.4 GHz remote control, allowing several people to compete with no interference thanks to its anti-jamming capabilities.

    • It delivers potent torque due to the well-installed bi-motor for improved control. 

    • The direction spinner on the bottom facilitates smooth motion on the track when it isn’t moving forward smoothly and attempts to diverge from its path.

    • The SZJJX rock crawler has a maximum speed of 25 Km/h and can easily drive through any terrain under this speed.

    • The charger included in the package aptly charges the built-in 4.5V 700Mah battery. 

    • It fully charges within 3 hours and runs for up to 35 minutes, depending on usage and power management. 
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    • It has a wireless remote control that delivers a generous range of roughly 60 meters. 

    • This RC rock crawler can move in reverse, forward, left, and right directions. Also, it’s capable of easily ascending hills and other tough terrains. 

    • The remote uses 3 AA batteries.

    • Its dimensions stand at 23 by 17 by 25 cm, and it’s lightweight at 1Kg. 

What I liked 

    • Short charge-time 

    • It comes with two batteries 

    • Impressive 25 Km/h top speed

    • The potent 4-wheel drive, which comes with a remote control

    • Durable ABS plastic construction

    • Lightweight build 

What I didn’t like

    • Short runtime 

Key Features 

Design and construction

When it comes to the design and construction of this car, the exterior includes top-quality ABS plastic. This durable material gives it a standing chance in rough terrains. The RC tires, which are among the crucial parts to consider, are made using PVC rubber and add to this vehicle’s sturdiness and grasping power when racing. 

What’s more, it has a 540 brushed motor which offers it ample torque to drive through rough and uneven surfaces. This motor and the two pairs of PVC rubber wheels deliver excellent stability even at high speed. 

Its impeccable construction adds to its supreme performance when it’s fully charged.

Performance Accuracy 

The two pairs of wheels are assembled individually to give a shockproof performance, with the able grooves facilitating anti-skid performance over rocky, slippery, and mountainous terrain. 

The suspension via which the PVC rubber wheels are linked to the chassis offers it excellent stability even at its highest speed and, at the same time, delivers steadiness even when you switch terrains. 

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You can expect full performance for the first 20 minutes; then, it begins motioning lightly for the other 15 minutes before the battery dies. While it has a huge build, it doesn’t interfere with performance on the track. 

To control the direction, you’ll utilize the toggle switch while the trigger button is for breaking, which offers easy control. 

The best part is that it doesn’t need assembling, except for placing the 3 AA batteries in the remote control and connecting the charger to charge the 700-mA battery. Again, user-friendliness and compatibility make it ideal for beginners to learn to race and master good control on the track. 

Handy tips

    • This RC rock crawler has a user manual indicating that you must charge this bad boy for 8 hours once it’s out of the box. However, after this, you’ll only have to charge it for 3 hours. 

    • If you’re a beginner, use it on even surfaces like the floor before attempting to race on rough and rocky surfaces. This will prevent it from falling over due to your inexperience. 

    • You’ll break using the trigger; by pushing it forward. Besides, the trigger’s magnitude depends on the RC vehicle’s speed. 

Cost considerations

For all the fantastic features it offers, its price point came as a surprise. It is sold in numerous online shops, and its price range is between $35 and $50. It requires only three AA batteries which you’ll purchase separately. That said, some sites include batteries in the package at an extra cost.  

It has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on amazon and is ideal for you looking to have a good time on a budget. 

Worthy Mentions 

Panda Hobby Tetra Off-Road Rock Crawler

Panda Hobby Tetra Off-Road Rock Crawler

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While the SZJJX rock crawler is my top pick, the Panda Tetra off-road rock crawler is certainly worth mentioning. It comes reasonably priced and offers similar functionality and construction as larger vehicles. 

Besides, it has all the features you’re searching for in a rock crawler and retails for under $200. The scale-like body, hub weight blocks, lights, oil-filled shock absorbers, and electronic transmissions are among the things you`ll appreciate about it. 

Clearly, this rock crawler offers plenty of fun, regardless of where you race it, from outside and inside to smooth or rough terrain. Plus, its water-resistant build ensures swifter and higher torque with a more precise response to guarantee maximum fun. 

The most impressive feature of this RC rock crawler is the metallic and plastic parts. In the case of weight block, this car guarantees improved racing performance and surges stability on tough terrain.

DANCHEE Electric Rock Crawler

DANCHEE Electric Rock Crawler

Lastly is the DANCHEE electric RC crawler, which, like its counterparts, comes at a reasonable price. Besides, it lets you change steering modes effortlessly and gives you easy access when driving or racing. 

This is ideal for beginners thanks to the rear and front multi-link suspensions, 4-wheel steering, and dual high-torque brushed motors. On the other hand, it is made using plastic, like the SZJJX crawler, but it’s durable and lightweight. Also, it comes with variable speed control, allowing you to race like you have a top-of-the-line crawler. 

Why buy the SZJJX RC Rock Crawler?

The SZJJX crawler is not only affordable but highly functional. The PVC rubber wheels ensure excellent grip on the track, while the brushed motor delivers sufficient torque to handle even the toughest terrain. 

So, look no further if you’re in the market for a cheap yet functional RC rock crawler that will embarrass other crawlers on the track!

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