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Essential Gear for RC Rock Crawling: What You Need to Get Started

Essential Gear for RC Rock Crawling What You Need to Get Started

Traditionally, it was a guy thing, but now we all want moving toys that vanquish stuff! There are a few routes to reach here, and RC rock crawling is among them. But what if you’re new to this, know little about it, and need help knowing where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right place. My objective is to help you understand RC rock crawling by discussing the essential gear you need to get started. 

Here we go!

Rock Crawling Gear 

An RC Rock Crawler 

The first thing you need to get started is a rock crawler. Indeed you don’t intend to partake in this hobby without a car. 

Considering you are a beginner, you need to go for a beginner-friendly vehicle. Generally, RC rock crawlers are not easy to drive and maneuver, so it would be best to go for a user-friendly one as you start. 

I recommend a durable, water-proof, yet affordable rock crawler. The water-proof aspect will allow you to drive through different surroundings without ruining the interior components, while durability will promote longevity. Also, most beginner-friendly rock crawlers are cheap, so you’re in luck! 

Further, pick a vehicle with a lower speed since rock crawling isn’t necessarily about racing. 


Next, you’ll need a proper track for driving your rock crawler. You can drive it at home, either inside or outside, or visit your local RC racing community and use their track. 

However, you can build your track if you’re into more of a challenge. This can be done at home, in the garage, or in the backyard. Just make sure it’s not too rough to drive your rock crawler on. 

Rock Crawler Maintenance & Repair Tools

The other thing you will require when starting your rock crawling hobby is tools to carry out maintenance and repairs for the rock crawler. As you continue learning more about rock crawling, you must do this more often, precisely when adjusting and tuning your car. 

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You will need at least an Allen/hex driver and nut drivers. This allows you to easily change wheels and make swift adjustments on your car. 

Later on, when you’ve improved your skills, digital calipers and ride-height gauges will come in handy. You will have to know how to tune your rock crawler before you need them, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them before time. 

RC Kits usually have standard hex kits, which allow you to complete the kit. If you intend to rock crawl for a long time, invest in quality tools. They are swifter and easier to utilize and won’t strain your arm. Besides, they will ensure to upkeep your rock crawler’s hex screws and nuts. 

Another advantage of quality tools is that they will serve you for a long time, and those that wear fast only need to swap the tips. 

Some of the best tool brands include MIP Tools, EDS, HUDY, and Arrowmax. 

Spare Parts 

As a beginner, you will undoubtedly break a few things here and there as you drive. For instance, you could damage your LED lights after a crash. This is specifically true with less durable rock crawlers. The tools you’ll require will depend on the type of track. For instance, a smooth terrain won’t damage your RC rock crawler much compared to a rocky terrain. 

But you’ll need a front bulkhead, shock tower, and arms/wishbones. These are the common parts that break when rock crawls. Additionally, you’ll need spare tires, depending on how often you drive your rock crawler. 


If you have an electric RC car, it would be best to invest in batteries to have spare when driving. If you intend to race in the future, you can invest in LiPo batteries, but if you want to drive around, Ni-MH batteries are a better option. 

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As a beginner, how can I start an RC rock crawling venture? 

The first step is to build or get an RC rock crawler to start your venture. Afterward, you must find an excellent location to rush your adrenaline with a productive rock crawling activity. In various countries where this activity is most popular, like the UK, Australia, and the US, you can get a sports complex or area specifically designated for rock crawling activities. 

You can also find a few local RC rock crawling groups on social media. If you cannot access these provisions, you can also decide to go to a nearby appropriate site, like a rough terrain park nearby, and engage with a friend or group for a friendly rock crawling experience. 

Which is the best RC rock crawler to purchase? 

Regarding RC rock crawlers, there’s never really a one-size-fits-all unit. Ideally, different clients usually want multiple client-specific needs for their RC rock crawler. 

Nonetheless, several popular models in the market include the Axial Wraith unit. Why? It is considered among the best units to buy for most RC rock crawler options for racers. 

Where can you get a new RC rock crawler? 

There are various local outlets and online market hubs where you can find your ideal RC crawler. They are usually available on popular online platforms like Amazon and brick-and-mortar electronics shops. 

Amazon is among the most popular online outlets where you can get your RC rock crawler, so most RC rock crawler reviews offer Amazon links for the product reviewed and listed. 

How can you build an RC rock crawler? 

Only a few individuals have the capacity and know-how to build an RC crawler from scratch. Because of this, it is not generally recommended for DIYers unless they have mechanical engineering knowledge or previous experience working on these units. 

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Essentially, the easiest way to build an RC rock crawler is to buy the various components you want online. Afterward, you can attach all these parts with screws or solder the components as per the instructions. 

The process of building an RC rock crawler starts with knowing the main components, usually two complete axles including the links, gear cover, transmission with motor plate, a motor, brushless or brushed speed control, receiver and transmitter set, shocks (a set of four), rock crawling tires (4), beadlock wheels (4), and battery (nickel metal hydride/LiPo).  

How can you upgrade your RC rock crawler? 

The process of upgrading your RC rock crawler is relatively straightforward. It usually entails the replacement of one part of an existing component in your vehicle with an advanced or new piece you have purchased. The most common parts usually upgraded are wheels, motors, batteries, or shocks. 

Well, there you have it, the essential gear you need to begin rock crawling!

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