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From Novice to Pro: Beginner-Friendly RC Rock Crawlers to Get You Started

Beginner-Friendly RC Rock Crawlers

RC rock crawlers, scale trucks, and other buggies are a market that’s rapidly growing, and we all want in. From children to adults, we all want a scaled-down replica of our favorite truck or RC car, and while they might not be the actual size, they are somewhat safer and fun to drive. Besides, bashing them won’t result in expensive repairs and bodily harm, which is the case with full-sized vehicles. RC rock crawlers are typically slow and built for obstacles, boulder navigation, and crawling. So, if you’re in the market for beginner-friendly RC rock crawlers options, these are the best ones by far:

Losi Rock RC Racer 


  • LED light bar 
  • 4WD chassis 
  • Anodized aluminum build 
  • Reinforced metal gear transmission

What I Like 

  • It is lightweight
  • It provides a 40 mph top speed
  • It sports an LED light bar
  • It’s equipped with 4WD chassis 

What I Don’t Like 

  • You will have to purchase the charger and battery separately.


RC cars, buggies, and trucks are excellent gifts and flexible enough to excite adults and kids. This is because they are robust and fun to drive, and most importantly, you can do more stunts with them than you would with a full-size vehicle. From rock crawling to racing, the fun is endless with these magnificent RC cars. 

The Losi buggy RC rock crawler is nothing short of this. It is a 1/10 scale model with a durable 4WD chassis made using tough anodized aluminum for a lightweight build and unmatched durability. Designed to tackle dry and wet surfaces, the Rey RC rock crawler can move up to 40 mph and ascend rocks, boulders, and even mountains, like a full-sized vehicle. 

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Moreover, it has waterproof electronics, making it more versatile than its counterparts; the reinforced metal gear transmission ensures sturdy construction and adds to this RC car’s horsepower and torque. 

You can switch the bolt-on panels and easily access the battery and motor compartments. To modify traction and for maximum ease of use, you should use the AVC adjustment dial. Lastly is the handy LED light bar, which helps you drive this buggy even at night. Also, it adds to this RC car’s realism. 

Element RC Enduro 4 by 4 Train-Runner 


  • It’s an RTR
  • A/TX General Grabber tires 
  • 3-mode gearbox 
  • Independent front suspension

What I Like 

  • It is robust
  • It comes in many colors
  • It’s an RTR RC rock crawler
  • Top-quality tires. 

What I Don’t Like 

  • Chargers and batteries are not included. 


The Element Train RC rock crawler has great looks and is a high-performing beast when it comes to climbing and navigating boulders and rocks. The chassis is exceptionally detailed, making it a tad realistic, and it looks like the Toyota 4 Runner. Honestly, in terms of realistic looks, this is my favorite. 

As pointed out, this RC car comes in numerous colors, but the “fire orange” is a must-check out. Fortunately, it is also durable, so if you intend to drive it on rough terrain, worry not; it can take a beating. Besides the front independent suspension, this buggy has several more cool accessories, which let you customize it to meet your needs without requiring you to buy extra parts. 

Something else to love about this rock crawler is the tires, ideal for driving on beaten and dirt roads and smoother surfaces. These are A/TX General Grabber, among the top RC car and truck tire brands. 

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The steady gearbox lets you control this car effortlessly regardless of terrain and speed, providing ample torque. The gearbox also comes with three-adjustment options for additional control and balance. 

If you don’t like the fire orange color pattern, more color options are available. 

Axial SMT10 RC Monster Truck


  • Spektrum transmitter
  • Brushless ESC drivetrain
  • Huge sturdy tires 
  • Rock crawl mode 

What I Like

  • It has a realistic appearance 
  • It has a durable build
  • The integrated Spektrum transmitter 
  • Potent brushed motor

What I Don’t Like 

  • The battery and charger aren’t part of the package.


Monster trucks are a favorite for many, and with good reason. This one comes with a realistic and well-detailed body. At the same time, its capacity to maneuver numerous roads at high speeds and leave the competition wallowing in the dust is an appreciated bonus. The Grave Digger truck is a favorite globally and performs multiple stunts and tricks efficiently. 

This 1/10 scale model is also well-designed and can perform just as incredibly as a full-size version but on a smaller scale. Arguably, the most essential section of a monster truck is the tires. This one comes with durable tires and steady wheels which grasp any terrain effortlessly. 

Also, these huge tires offer decent ground clearance and leave sufficient space for the shock absorbers to absorb the jumps and bumps. The right battery pack, along with the ESC drivetrain, let you reverse and move forward on different surfaces easily, while the rock crawl mode transmits power which increases torque to navigate any obstacle. 

Finally, is the waterproof build which allows for all-weather use. 

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BHTKJ HG Pickup Truck 


  • 2WD & 4WD options 
  • 3-speed drivetrain 
  • Dustproof gearbox 
  • Powerful suspension system

What I Like 

  • It is a ready-to-run rock crawler 
  • The package includes a few handy tools 
  • The drivetrain offers three speeds
  • It gives you both 4WD and 2WD options 

What I Don’t Like 

  • It only comes in one color. 


For the most suitable option for rally RC crawlers, most people prefer the buggy-like options. While these are plenty of fun to drive, driving this 1/10 scale version makes your dreams a reality in a safer way. This one is a must-have if you want to purchase an RC car that can tackle any terrain.

Designed to endure top-speed driving over rocks and hills and even through the grass. Besides, if you like driving in the mud, sand, water, and dirt, this car can take a beating. The dustproof gearbox will cover all electronic parts in wet surroundings. 

Also, the 3-speed drivetrain is easy to control using the remote control. The low-speed two-wheel driver mode is designed for driving on rather inclined slopes and low-speed driving. This high-speed four-wheel drive is engineered to shield you from trouble and keep your rock crawler upright while making turns at high speeds, while the low-speed is designed to navigate rocks and hills. 

The back and front suspension systems are created to handle bumps and shocks independently. This prevents the car from rolling over. If you are looking for a durable and fun truck to drive, this is definitely it!

Hopefully, you have found a suitable companion for your RC rock crawling adventures to help you better your skills and learn the ropes.

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