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The World of Hobby-Grade RC Cars for Adults 

RC cars for adults

Adults, gather around; while some might think that remote control vehicles are for kids I’m here to tell you they are wrong! You deserve the opportunity to have fun, and nothing, arguably, is more fun and immersive than driving an RC car. The thrill of RC cars for adults!

Whether you are a beginner or a serious hobbyist searching for the most capable and suitable car to start out or win national competitions, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here, I’ve reviewed some of the best options on the market because we can all agree that the market is an intimidating place if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Get ready to have some fun again! 

My Top Pick: RedCat Racing Gen-8 Scout II

This is my top pick for the best hobby-grade RC cars for adults. Why, you ask? Because it has everything you need for your adventures. Don’t believe me? Read on and watch me convince you.


  • Length: 571mm
  • Height: 258mm
  • Width: 249mm
  • Weight: 6.9 Ounces 
  • Wheelbase: 312-336mm
  • Radio system: 2.4GHz
  • ESC: 40a Brushed & water-resistant
  • Motor: Brushed 550-size, 17T

What I Like 

  • It’s built with impressive keenness to detail 
  • It’s flexible, which makes it fun to customize 
  • The robust chassis adds to the durability 
  • You’ll appreciate the departures and approach angles and ride height along with the adjustable wheelbase. 

What I Don’t Like 

  • You have to purchase the batteries separately.

Key Features 

The Body 

The manufacturer did a fantastic job with this car, not only in the body aspect but with everything else as well. First, it’s perfectly built for adults; it is huge and the perfect 1:1 classic. 

The flaring fenders, precisely the one at the front, set off a debate when this RC car was first unveiled to the market since it wasn’t a replica of the fender. All the same, this 1:10 RC rock crawler looks good and delivers unrivaled durability. 

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This RC car, unlike its predecessor, the Gen7 model, is significantly more durable. This is even evident with the way it’s built, and once you hold it, you’ll agree. The Gen7 felt a bit flimsy, but this one is incredibly thick. 

Fortunately, it’s rigid but not too much that it affects flexibility. It can still maneuver and conquer obstacles, and it doesn’t feel like it will puncture or break down under pressure. 

The inner parts are more rigid thanks to the interior fenders, while the body support and appearance are built with solid plastic, which leaves it less vulnerable to breaking down when driving through rough terrain. 

You can easily remove the body with hook & loop mounts, then remount it without using traditional posts and pins. While this is very fortunate, the hook-and-loop process might tamper with the mounting points. Nonetheless, the construction material is forgiving, hence giving room for some sliding and pushing to let the body sit right and remain intact. 

The Suspension & Chassis 

The Gen8 build will only go so far, but the moment you see how it performs on different terrain, you’ll for sure see it for what it is: a worthy investment. The chassis setup on this RC car is impressive for such an RC rock crawler. The shock and suspension have a flexible feel, which is more than what I can say for most top-of-the-line models. 

Additionally, the inclusion of portal axles keeps this magnificent beast rolling, regardless of the obstacles on your trail. 

The coupling of the side-positioned electronic trays and interior fenders helps give it a complete look. Still, they also help keep the inner running and electronics of this rig as clean as possible. I precisely preferred the sealed receiver box, which has open ports for connecting a winch, LEDs, or other auxiliary parts. 

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While I was excited with the Redcat Gen7, the Gen8 is terrific on a whole other level. The build, weight disbursement, and streamlined design, just to mention a few, help this car perform as well as it does in numerous terrains. 

Electronics & Motor 

Now we get to the good stuff, the electronic and motor. From the motor and steering servo to the radio system, this RC car is designed to offer you incredible performance straight from the box. 

The motor, or engine, gives consistent, stable power, keeping this car moving through almost anything, including ungroomed and otherwise rugged terrains. This car has enough power to get you from one place to the other and conquer multiple obstacles while doing this. 

Something else I have to point out is that there is nothing to complain about the radio system. It provided generous range and flexibility for all the times I drove it through different terrains. 

Wheels & Tires 

The last thing I’d like to cover are the wheels and tires. These are very important, especially because this is a car. The tires of the Gen8 RC car are great; the foams are inefficient and are designed using memory foam, which takes a long time before breaking in properly. 

Even though this isn’t a huge problem, it could cause this car to lack traction in different terrain. Also, the memory foam turns hard when the weather is cold or cool. This converts your soft tires into rigid rocks, which will affect the car’s capacity to uphold traction. 

Again, during winter, these tires turn into pizza cutters, where you find your rig buried in the snow instead of driving through it. 

What’s In the Box?

Fortunately, this package does not come with the car alone; it also includes the following:

  • One instructional manual 
  • One bag of spare parts like a tire mount, spare tire, and other essential hardware
  • One FS-GT2E 2.4GHz radio transmitter 
  • One Redcat GEN8 Scout II rig
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Worthy Competitors 

Axial YETI Jr. Maverick

Axial is a well-known RC car manufacturer, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of their products is in this review. The Axial Maverick is a 1/18 scale RC car. Some might argue that it’s too small for the job, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. 

This is a four-wheel off-roader capable of handling the roughest terrains effortlessly. 

Constructed with an independent suspension that delivers superior maneuverability and impressive handling, it’s constructed with an elevated build for improved ground clearance. 

Additionally, I loved the in-built adjustable oil-filled shocks, which don’t compromise in any way. The 37T brushed motor and all-terrain tires are some of the reasons this RC car can garner an incredible top speed of 13Mph, even on rocky and bumpy paths. 

Losi Mini T2.0 2WD 

My last recommendation is this small but impressively efficient RC car. With a top speed of 30 Mph, it also has a streamlined, robust plastic and aluminum build combination. Moreover, the potent brushless motor delivers ample torque to reach the aforementioned top speed. 

If you have yet to notice, this is the only option with a brushless motor, and it comes with a 50C Li-Po battery. So, if you like tinkering, this is the perfect car for you, with numerous upgrade options. 

Why Choose the Redcat Gen8 Scout II RC Car?

There are plenty of reasons to choose this RC car, including the fact that it is affordable, efficient, durable, and versatile. Besides, it comes as a complete package, with even spare parts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include batteries, so you have to purchase them separately. 

However, while this is a disadvantage, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

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