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Are you looking for excitement and fun? Get yourself a 1/18 Jeep RC crawler! 

An RC crawler is a fantastic option to delve into remote control cars. They are growing in popularity for their ability to offer a superb entry point for adults and kids who want to enjoy their RC crawling hobby. 1.18 scale RC crawlers offer a substantially large unit and more power for enhanced performance on harsh terrain. These easy-to-use and simple RC crawler models are made to move forward, backward, and turn around quickly, notwithstanding the terrain. It is easy to see why they are a perfect fit for anyone passionate about this sport. What’s more, they are easy to operate and mostly inexpensive. 

Nonetheless, there are multiple 1/18 RC Crawlers hence the need to find the ideal 1/18 RC Jeep crawler to help unleash your inner child and have fun. Luckily, we have done the work for you. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the best 1/18 Jeep RC crawlers on the market and what makes them a fun experience. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is A 1/18 Jeep RC Crawler? 

A standard 1/18 Jeep RC crawler is the market’s most popular crawling vehicle for adults and kids. Also known as 1/18th bodies, 1/18th cars, or even 1/18th scale kits, the Jeep RC crawlers are a fantastic option for kids and adults looking to unleash fun and enjoy their surroundings. 

Moreover, it’s a classic way for adults to interact with their inner child! Typically, not only do these crawlers look stunning, but they also boast some fantastic performance features that render it an out-and-out blast! 

Unleash Fun with these Top 3 Best 1/18 Jeep RC Crawlers 

Now that you understand what RC crawlers are, here are the best 1/18 Jeep RC crawlers to unleash fun with. 

EAZYRC Arizona RC Crawler (1/18 Scale) Car 

EAZYRC Arizona represents a unique ready-to-run RC unit that offers its superb technical crawling prowess and comprehensive scale appeal. This rc jeep 1.18 crawler is a high-performance car designed to scale through rough terrain effortlessly. Its sturdy design and exceptional capacity make it simple enough for even novice RC hobbyists.

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The EAZYRC RC Jeep Crawler drives you to new adventures and places, notwithstanding where you prefer to drive it, whether climbing rocks or outdoors. Ultimately, it is the best option for unparalleled driving. 


  • Top Speed: 5 Km/h Max
  • Run Time: Around 30 minutes
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Remote Control Range: 30m
  • Charge Time: Around 1 hour
  • Car Battery: 380mAh (7.4V) rechargeable batteries

This 4WD remote control jeep gains strong power and fantastic protection from collisions, not to mention the remarkable increase in minimum safe dropping altitude. Its robust all-weather rubber tires assist in conquering all terrains quickly while gripping firmly to ensure a smooth operating experience. 

Arizona has created a unique anti-interface control unit with a decent 2.4G frequency to offer quick responsive controlling helping you race alongside other units without any interface. This RC car is designed to accumulate a top speed of 5km/h, and with its far-stretching remote control capacity, you can control this car to an extensive range of up to 30 meters.

Finally, this unit has a bright LED lighting system that helps you drive unobstructed, even during nighttime. If you want to experience and unleash fun, the EAZYRC is the authentic off-road Jeep RC crawler!!

RocHobby x WOWRC RC Rock Crawler  

The WOWRC is an exclusive 1/18 scale Jeep RC crawler comprising an injection-molded robust build. From its functional indicators and wading hose to vehicle vents on its body, this RocHobby unit is the epitome of RC crawling fun and excitement. 

This RC crawler has a hardy aluminum girder that offers the vehicle more rigidity and a more robust chassis. Its bar chassis and multilink geometry design ensure optimal axle articulation resulting in a relatively steadier drive experience.


  • Dimension: 275mm x 116mm x 120m120mmm
  • Max. speed: 5km/h
  • Approach Angle: 55°
  • Ground Clearance: 36mm
  • Departure Angle: 56° 
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Regarding performance, this unit boasts a relatively high torque transmission capacity, and with its wireless 2.4G transmission, can be controlled up to 100 feet. It features a functional LED lights system that also offers this vehicle a stunning appeal even at night. It is your ideal choice for a more enjoyable control and driving experience. 

Furthermore, the RocHobby crawler has a water-resistant electronic and waterproof frame. Although the aluminum frame rails offer better operational stability, the other adjustments allow it to drive superbly across all terrains, including sand, beach, concrete, and rocky surfaces. 

HobbyPlus CR-18 Mini Crawler

The last vehicle on this list is an exclusive 1/18 HobbyPlus 4WD crawler that offers an unmatched crawling fun experience and perspective. The crawler is the least costly of the three options and gives you an utterly ready-to-run experience with multiple scale builds to pick from. Its unique body is designed from Lexan and is crafted to appear aggressive, and it comes with a robust plastic scale detail. 

Beneath its chassis, this unit presents waterproof electronics and 45 minutes of runtime. Better yet, it has two unique auxiliary ports that help add to your lighting system, a standard FPV camera, and other great accessories. 

What Makes A 1/18 Jeep RC Crawler Fun and Exciting?

We all understand that fun and kids are synonymous terms. However, the reality is that sometimes it takes effort to find the energy and time for all these activities. Numerous reasons make a 1/18 Jeep RC crawler a fantastic way to unleash fun and excitement, and here are the reasons why you should have a 1:18 Jeep RC crawler. 

Exceptional Maneuverability: 

This is perhaps the most notable feature of standard 1/18 Jeep RC crawlers—it offers ample space for maneuverability. These remarkable jeep crawlers are designed to move and turn in any direction, making them ideal for scaling through off-road and relatively tight areas. Furthermore, it comes with motorized steering meaning you can control how your crawler goes. 

Powerful Engine & Robust Tires: 

Jeep RC crawlers are made to handle virtually all smooth and rough terrain while quickly turning due to their exceptionally powerful engine and massive tread tires. With these units, you can travel anywhere with this crawler exploring all inches of the unit with any issue whatsoever! 

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Adjustable Suspension: 

A standard 1/18 RC crawler has an adjustable suspension configuration and strong shock absorbers that help you smoothly adjust its ride height for your kid’s suitability. These crawlers have stunning rear and front bumpers that protect them from damage as you drive along rough terrains like gravel, grass, and sand. 

Jeep RC crawlers also include large cargo spaces for ample storage space. You can store various things like bolts, nuts, and screws, among other items necessary during repairs and construction projects at home. 

Superb Battery Life: 

Another fantastic feature that distinguishes 1/18 RC crawlers is their superb battery life. Typically, most Jeep models last around 20 minutes, although some usually last up to an hour or more! This means you can spend more playtime with your cherished toy rather than charging the unit often. 

Adjustable Seats: 

Finally, adjustable seats are the next exceptional thing that highlights the Jeep RC crawler models. Adjustable seats mean that your kids can sit comfortably during their playtime. Furthermore, this feature ensures your kid is safe with their toy since they needn’t worry about injuring themselves if they slip or fall off when there’s something slippery while playing. 

Final Word

The 1/18 Jeep RC Crawlers are highly popular 4WD units in remote-control vehicles. While the standard vehicle designs have shifted over time, they are still amusing and exciting to play with and use for different purposes. If you want to unleash fun with a 1/18 crawler, these units should be on your priority list. Not only can you use them to spearhead your hobby, but as advertising units and even racing. Ultimately, the possibilities are practically endless!!!

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